Top Musicians’ Union picks for songs to listen this spring

By Lexi Meola

Elm Staff Writer

Many students are looking for new or different types of music to listen to, from in between in-person or virtual classes to during study sessions, as the semester begins to wrap up. 

Luckily, with the assistance of Washington College’s Musicians’ Union, students can explore a wide range of different genres, artists, and songs to jam to throughout the remainder of the semester and beyond.

If you’re interested in grooving to jazzy and soulful rhythms, Musicians’ Union President Berkleigh Fadden recommends listening to Scary Pockets, a funk cover band based in Los Angeles, Ca. 

“They do funk covers of popular songs and they always get me pumped,” Fadden said. “If anyone needs motivation for studying or something to brighten their day, this group certainly delivers. I appreciate the fresh take on familiar tunes and the energy the performers give is infectious.”

For those looking to explore the pop genre, sophomore Faithlin Hunter suggests listening to Harry Styles’s recent solo venture “Fine Line,” which includes popular beats such as “Golden” and “Watermelon Sugar.”

“[Styles’s] writing style is really beautiful and… ‘Fine Line’ was the album I listened to non-stop for all of 2020,” Hunter said.

According to Hunter, “Fine Line” has a wide variety of songs ranging from those “for when you want to get in your feels like ‘Falling,’ and then songs that are perfect for good vibes or a fun drive in the car like ‘Canyon Moon.’”

Hunter also recommends listening to artists like Julia Michaels and Olivia Rodrigo. Rodrigo, who came into popularity last year with her song “All I Want,” has reached the charts again with her more recent song “Driver’s License,” which reached new popularity heights through social media apps like TikTok.

“Rodrigo’s song ‘Driver’s License’ and her newest release ‘Déjà vu,’ are both spectacular for how young she is, and her artistry is incredible,” Hunter said.

Broadway has been shut down for more than a year and many students who are missing Broadway and live performances can also enjoy the official soundtracks on any streaming service.

For fans of the Broadway stage, senior Will Reid recommends giving the soundtracks to popular musicals such as “Hamilton,” “Hadestown,” “Mean Girls,” and “Newsies,” as each includes songs that can inspire students throughout the day. 

Reid has listened to a variety of artists over the pandemic. One artist that has never failed to bring him comfort is Ariana Grande, whose latest album “Positions” was released in October 2020, and her joining the coaching panel for the twenty-first season of “The Voice” in March has Reid excited for what comes next. 

“[Grande’s] discography is so diverse in its offerings and there’s really only five or six flops on the albums,” Reid said. “I look forward to seeing her work with people my age as well as many covers of her songs.”

He also is a big fan of the TV musical drama series “Glee” and “Empire,” and recommends listening to their respective soundtracks, particularly “Home is on the Way,” which is sung by the “Empire” cast.

Reid’s playlist also includes American rapper Lil Nas X’s recent single, “MONTERO (Call Me by Your Name),” whose hip-hop undertones and vivid imagery has become popular since its initial release. 

“‘MONTERO’ is just so catchy and groundbreaking,” Reid said. “It is such a good song to have on your playlist.” 

There are other ways students can discover new music, including scrolling through streaming services such as Apple Music or Spotify Music. Exploring new music can help listeners express themselves through different catalogs, as well as study. 

 Every streaming service has study playlists to listen to as well.

From Broadway, to cover bands, to pop music, heartbreak songs, and studying playlists, there is plenty of new music for students to discover this semester. Listen to recommended music from the students of the Musician’s Union and you might discover a new genre of music or artist that you enjoy.

Members of the WC Musicians’ Union recommend WC students who enjoying bopping to music these tracks to put on their playlist. Photo by Sammy Jarrett.

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