WC presidential search committee will model selection process after ABC’s “The Bachelor”

By Jazzy Jones

Hamilton Actress

This year’s presidential search is filled with twists, turns, and drama. 

Following last year’s search for an interim president, the Washington College Presidential Search Committee decided to spice up the selection process — which is sure to have the WC community sitting on the edge of their seats.

This year, the search committee will have presidential candidates go through a process that is very similar to the popular ABC TV show, “The Bachelor.” The WC community can expect fun puns from host Gus the Goose, plenty of beautiful shots of the riverfront, and exclusive interviews with the candidates.

The question is: which candidate will get the “final rose,” or, should we say, “final goose” plush?

“I am so honored they chose me to host. I have been working on all of my hosting skills and as a representative for WC, I am ready to give it my all,” Gus the Goose said.

The producers of the show hinted at some surprise appearances by WC community members. They declined to tell me who the guests will be.

These members will be brought in to ask serious questions from WC students, parents, and alumni to get answers on real situations that have posed problems in the past.

Of course, the first impression goose is vital to succeeding in this competition. From there, candidates will go through vigorous tests to see how they would handle different scenarios on campus. Failure to do well in these scenarios could mean a candidate will not get a plush goose at the end of the day. 

One of the most important tests will be during the fifth episode of the season. Each candidate will describe their usual orders from eating establishments around Chestertown, like 98 Cannon Riverfront Grille, The Freeze, Figg’s Ordinary, Café Sado, and Evergrain. The President of WC should have full knowledge of the restaurants in the Chestertown community and be able to recommend items to anyone who asks.

The show will run a total of eight episodes. When it comes down to the last three candidates, we’ll have “hometowns” — a chance for viewers to learn more about the candidates’ families. 

Braxton Berry is on the Presidential Search Committee and will be “The Bachelor” delivering the plush geese to the candidates each night. 

“I personally want a president that understands the need for diversity and inclusion on campus,” Berry said. “A president that can offer us as students transparency and cooperation on issues we face.”

As the student representative for the Committee search, Berry helps all students’ voices be heard through this search. The candidate chosen will be an advocate for students and help guide WC through many changes as well as improving student life.

It would not be “The Bachelor” without the red-carpet outfits from night one. We are expecting many WC-themed outfits when each candidate steps out of the limo. Some might be  inspired by George and Martha Washington or even Gus the Goose himself. Each candidate should take their introductory outfits seriously, as it will be the first impression the WC community will get of each candidate. 

With the new president coming in, students are excited to see the behind-the-scenes action of the selection of their president and hopefully see some fun moments between candidates and Gus. 

Featured Photo caption: The WC Presidential Search Committee will determine their new president through a televised game show similar to ABC’s “The Bachelor.” Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

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