Red Devils defeat Shoremen and Shorewomen tennis in final match of the season

By Jordan Fairchild

Elm Staff Writer

On Saturday, May 1, the Washington College men’s and women’s tennis teams competed in a home match against the in-Conference Dickinson Red Devils. This was the last game of the spring 2021 season for both the Shoremen and Shorewomen. 

Unfortunately, the Shoremen were forced to forfeit their match against the Red Devils with a final score of 5–0. This season, the Shoremen only had three members on their team, but four members are required to play a full match without forfeit. 

“Today’s challenge included being down a player and having to compete with just three players,” sophomore Landon Strober said. “We always bring the energy regardless and we supported each other to the end.” 

In doubles, the Shoremen won 8–4. 

In singles at the number one spot, the Shoremen secured a win with a score of 6–0, 6–0. At the number two spot, the Shoremen won again at 6–0, 6–1, and at the number three spot, the Shoremen were defeated by the Red Devils 1–6, 6–3, 6–0.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned this season is consistency,” sophomore Christian Gruyon said. “Consistency in making my shots into the court, consistency in play style, consistency in the effort I put into every practice and match, and consistency in my support for my teammates.”

The Shoremen finish the season with a 3–7 record overall and a Centennial Conference record of 2–5. 

“I’m proud of this team and the guys really coming together and embracing each other through tough times of adversity,” freshman Ian Hewes said. “We all were dealing with a lot through [COVID-19] and crazy circumstances, and we rallied as a team and trusted the process.” 

The Shorewomen were defeated by the Red Devils at 5–4. This match was also Senior Day for the Shorewomen, celebrating their only senior this season, Ella Samer. 

“This program is one of a kind and has taught me how to be a leader, a friend, a teammate, and a competitor,” said Samer. “I am going to miss my coaches and the team so much and I know they will continue to find so much success.” 

For the number one spot in doubles, the Shorewomen won 8–3.  At the number two spot, the Red Devils defeated the Shorewomen 8–6 and again at the number three spot, as the Shorewomen were forced to forfeit.

“This season was extremely odd, and we treated it as if it were just as normal as before,” junior captain Alisha White said. “Nothing changed– we worked hard, fought, and because of that we came out with win after win.”

The Shorewomen defeated the Red Devils in the number one singles spot with a score of 6–2, 6–0. At the number two spot, the Red Devils won 6–2, 6–2. 

Samer secured a victory for the Shorewomen in her last collegiate match at the number three spot with wins at 4–6, 6–4, 6–2. 

The Red Devils defeated the Shorewomen again at the number four spot at 3–6, 7–5, 6–1, but at the number five spot, the Shorewomen rallied 6–1, 6–2. The Red Devils won the number six match by default due to a lack of players from the Shorewomen. 

The Shorewomen would finish the season with a winning record of 6–3 overall and a Conference record of 5–2. 

“I am proud of how many matches we won with so few players,” freshman Piper Sartison said. “We have had to default at least two games every match, so we have always started with a disadvantage. I am very excited for next year when more players are able to play.”

Both the Shorewomen and Shoremen will take to the courts again in the fall of 2021 to play a regular season. 

Featured Photo caption: Sophomore Irene Meng winds up to hit the ball. Photo by Mark Cooley.

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