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90 Years Ago, Oct. 3, 1931:

“The electric clock that was given to the college by the class of 1931 has been installed in the library with a suitable inscription upon it.”

80 Years Ago, Sept. 19. 1941:

“The members of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, in cooperation with Bundles for Britain, have placed red, white, and blue boxes in Hodson Hall, William Smith Hall, and Reid Hall for the purpose of collecting as much tinfoil as possible.”

“In these days of rapid changes in every phase of our existence, it is a pleasure indeed, to be able to fecilitate the Professors and Students of Washington College on the beginning of the 160th year of the College, as well as of the 60th year of your college paper.”

70 Years Ago, Oct. 5, 1951:

“In inauguration ceremonies to be held here October 27th, Dr. Daniel Z. Gibson will be officially installed as the twentieth president of Washington College since the founding of the school in 1782. The event will highlight activities on the hill for the annual Homecoming Weekend and is expected to attract many alumni plus numerous delegates from other educational institutions.”

“With the suspension of football from the Washington College campus, the entire Fall sportlight falls upon the soccer and cross-country teams.”

60 Years Ago, Sept. 29, 1961:

“As incredibly as it might seem there was a day when Washington College was among the largest in the United States. According to historical facts listed in the book ‘The Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia,’ in the year 1782, enrollment figures indicated there were ‘140 students and scholars in said school, and the number is expected to increase to 200.'”

“One of the most widely discussed subjects in the next week will probably be the various improvements made on campus during the summer. The renovation of Dunning Hall from an inadequate laboratory to one of the finest in the country was recently completed at a cost of $350.000. Reid and Sommerset Halls were both remodeled and are now exceptionally well equipped. The cost of these came to $316,000.”

40 Years Ago, Sept. 18, 1981:

“At work behind the tennis courts, chipping patiently away at large blocks of Maryland Marble, is a group of artists gathered under the auspices of the International Sculpture Symposium, a non profit organization, is, according to its director Robert DuBourg, dedicated to ‘art created in the public eye.'”

“A writing requirement for freshmen, as well as the institution of a program involving mandatory enrollment in the Writing Workshop, indicate the more assertive role the College will be taking with regard to the improvement of the writing skills of new students.”

10 Years Ago, Sept. 16. 2011:

“It had been raining for days in Chestertown. but junior Ryan Bankert didn’t think aything of it until his mother told him that back home, their neighborhood was under water. As he watched flash floods consume his hometown on news channels and Youtube clips, Bankert knew he had to do something.”

“I’m sitting here drinking straight from a two-liter bottle of Diet Coke at two in the morning trying to wrap my head around the madness that is ‘Sorry For Party Rocking,’ the latest album out this year from the electro-pop duo DJ Redfoo and Skyblu, better known as LMFAO.”

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