Upperclassmen provide recommendations for Chestertown hot-spots

By Emma Russell
Student Life Editor

Freshmen and sophomores who have not lived on campus before are not only experiencing the Washington College community for the first time but the Chestertown community as well.

Chestertown, while a small town, is bursting with life, and is home to great restaurants, hang-out spots, and events.

Upperclassmen who have had a few years to become familiar with the community have plenty of recommendations for students who do not know where to start.

Senior Katherine Desrosiers highly recommends students pay a visit to the Cat Colloquium on High Street.

“It’s a place for people in the community to relax and spend time with cats, completely free any time they stop in. The best part about it is that it’s located right above Stam’s [Luncheonette], which has the best ice cream in town,” she said.

Junior Jakob Watt also recommends Stam’s Luncheonette. He said that the milkshakes are fantastic.

According to junior AJ Gerardi, The Freeze is actually the best milkshake spot in town.

“If you haven’t been to Chestertown before, they might be easy to miss, but they definitely have the best milkshakes you’re going to find anywhere in a 20-mile radius,” Gerardi said.

Senior Kennett Vail-Rojas has no shortage of restaurant recommendations, saying students should visit places such as 98 Cannon, Evergrain Bread Co., Stam’s Luncheonette, Play it Again Sam, and Luisa’s Cucina Italiana. According to Vail-Rojas, “Luisa’s is what Olive Garden wants to be.”

Evergrain is actually a favorite of senior Melissa DeFrancesco. According to DeFrancesco, “they have great desserts and pastries, as well as amazing lattes. It’s the perfect study spot on a weekend morning or just somewhere to hang out with friends and grab a coffee.”

But junior Omari Watkins prefers 98 Cannon, a seafood restaurant located on the Chester River.

“In my honest opinion, 98 Cannon is one of the best scenes in Chestertown. From its waterfront view to the late-night music at night, 98 Cannon is a place to eat,” he said.

“There’s a lot of good food around here if you just try looking for it,” Vail-Rojas said.

Chestertown isn’t just full of restaurants, it’s also a town full of small, locally owned businesses such as The Bookplate and Twigs and Teacups.

Junior Regina Del Pilar thinks all students should visit the Bookplate and said, “it’s just a fabulously quaint little bookshop with an adorable shop cat and vibes that are truly phenomenal.”

Chestertown is also home to lots of annual events such as the Saturday morning award-winning farmers market, First Friday, and the annual Dickens of a Christmas festival.

DeFrancesco highly recommends that students visit the farmers market. “It’s a great way to take in the atmosphere of [the] town all in one place, meet new people, and pick up some great dorm snacks,” she said. “I recommend the fruit from the Lockbriar Farmstand and any baked goods from the Lapp Family Bakery.”

Gerardi prefers First Friday though. He said, “First Friday is an event that happens on the first Friday of every month and all the stores stay open a few extra hours and give out free stuff. The whole town comes out…it’s one of the best events Chestertown throws.”

No matter what students are interested in, there is no shortage of places to visit in town.

“Chestertown itself is a wonderful place to be at. From the farmers market or First Friday, there is something breathtaking about the experience,” Watkins said.

Photo by Izze Rios

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