Get ready to sugar-rush to Walgreens: The best candy to purchase after Halloween

By William Yanes
Elm Staff Writer

The most important part of any Halloween is the plan for a post – Halloween future.

Everyone loves to indulge themselves the night of Oct. 31, and there are few things as exciting as raiding the local grocery and convenience stores for all the leftover Halloween candy that has now gone on sale. However, most people still want to eat candy after this night and this is where the challenge comes in.

With the highly discounted bags of candy at the local grocery stores, it is tempting to purchase the most indulgent candies you can get your hands on to get you through the next few months.

However, there is a science to picking the best on-sale candy post-Halloween.

Any discussion of a discount candy diet must take into account the type of candy that is eaten on Halloween and the type of candy that is eaten at the next major holiday, Thanksgiving.

This is where the first rule comes into play: avoid chocolate.

Chocolate is heavy and can easily become redundant – only the most devoted chocolate fans should dare sample any more of these, lest they ruin forever their ability to eat anything brown. Try and find something that has absolutely no chocolate in it at all.

The second rule is to buy in bulk. Halloween is the holiday where a bag is full of 25 different bars, of various shapes and sizes.

“To get the most bang of your buck, head to Amazon, Walmart and other online retailers to find popular Halloween candy at an affordable price point. You’ll find Halloween classics (candy corn), sweet-and-sour favorites (Sour Patch Kids) and tons of individually-wrapped chocolates to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth,”  Good Housekeeping writer Shanon Maglente said.

Halloween is the only time of the year when people will sample random candies, and once the Halloween joy goes away, many people wake up with a sore stomach from all these random candies they just shoved down their throats.

It is important to remember that too much of a good thing is never good.

To that end, here is list of candies that are perfect for the post-Halloween life:

Swedish Fish

Small enough that buying in bulk makes sense, these red gummies can sustain weeks of light snacking, which is the advised method of eating candy after the assault on the stomach that is Halloween.

These also serve as the perfect candy to eat with friends.

Fruit Snacks

Like Swedish fish, they allow the consumer to avoid chocolate all together. These candies are for people who find the thought of eating the same flavor over and over again alarming.

Fruit snacks and other gummy candies provide a variety of flavor needed to get through the weeks ahead.

Jolly Ranchers

The perfect candy for those who want something harder to suck on. These fruity treasures last a long time, which makes them the most cost-efficient purchase here, and most importantly, they can be kept in a backpack for easy transport and access.

Halloween is where variety and quantity trump quality every day of the week. When planning for a post-Halloween diet, it makes sense to buy a few select candies, but buy the largest possible amount.

With these candies, it will make it easier to not get sick of your favorite heavy chocolates while also allowing you to still indulge in your sweet tooth.

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