SEB hosts laser tag showdown on the Campus Green

By Heather Fabritze
Elm Staff Writer

Washington College students experienced an adrenaline rush on the Campus Green at an outdoor laser tag event hosted on the evening of Wednesday Sept. 22.

The game, which ran from 7 pm. to 9 p.m., was planned by the Special Committee of the Student Events Board. Students arrived at the Green and formed into two teams of 10 between each round.

When the round started, teams hid behind inflatable barriers and inside small tents. Their opponents risked being hit, running across the Green to try to take out other players.

Whichever team still had “living” players at the end of a round would be named the winning team. Rounds lasted for various amounts of time, and players estimated that there were around 20 rounds before the end of the event.

Sensor vests, which are commonly used in indoor laser tag, were not necessary for the event; instead the sensors used were lightweight and easy to maneuver in.

SEB worked with GameTruck, a local company specializing in transportable party games, to make the event possible. According to the GameTruck website, they turn any space into a “modern laser tag arena” with “state of the art high quality laser tag equipment.”

The laser tag event was last held two years ago during the spring semester. According to SEB Special Director and junior Hernan Torres, it was a “pretty big success,” so he decided to bring it back.

Torres also believes that time out on the Green was exactly what students needed at this point in the semester.

“Cause we’re kind of halfway through the semester, in a way, it’s like the first four weeks,” Torres said. “Get that two hours to enjoy yourself, just running around on the Green. The Green is such a beautiful place itself. And, you know, just give them time to enjoy themselves.”

Just by watching the game play out, spectators could discern that energy was high, and that new alliances and friendships were quickly formed. Some players arrived and left throughout the duration of the game, others remained the entire time.

Sophomore Alex Heim, who came to play with a group of friends, decided to attend because of the rush that comes from participating in a game of laser tag.

“Oh, the adrenaline rush, sprinting around, fearing for my life,” Heim said.

Unlike indoor laser tag, which often bans any pace faster than walking, WC students could run at whatever speed they preferred. This allowed for a greater opportunity to burn energy and avoid being hit.

Although the chance to run around outside after the first month of classes was a large factor in attending, sophomore Riley Murray summed up the primary goal behind the event.

“Hanging out with my friends and having a good time,” Murray said.

This event joins the lineup of what SEB’s events this semester have hoped to promote — the reunion of friends on campus, the chance to meet those with similar interests, and opportunities to bond together after a long time apart.

Photo by Jakob Watt

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