SGA Minutes – 10.19

1. AXO is having Casino Night in Martha Washington Square on October 29th at 7 p.m. Tabling and ticket sales have started, and all proceeds benefit the Midshore Council on Family Violence.

2. This week is DEI week for Kappa Sigma. There will be events hosted by Dr. Knight, Dr. Deanda, and the Chesapeake Heartland Project.

3. The Spring 2022 budget cycle has begun. Look out for an email with important dates and information on how to secure SGA funding for your club in the spring semester.

4. Local government in the surrounding Chestertown area is looking to encourage Washington College students to participate in an initiative focusing on environmental rights legislation. More information will be available soon. Those interested or have additional questions should contact Maegan White.

5. If anyone sees a black cat with green eyes and a black collar with a pink tag with the name “Sadie,” please be sure to contact the name and phone number provided on the collar. Last seen running into the woods near Chester Hall. Additional information can be found on the flyers posted across campus. 

6. A member of the administration was threatened on YikYak, which is the most extreme of many concerning anonymous messages posted on the app.  The administration is trying to determine the source of this message due to its nature and is very committed to continue working with students and maintaining our relationships of respect and mutual value; everyone on campus understands these messages do not reflect the majority of the student body.

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