Student documents his time spent at WC with Instagram page

By Heather Fabritze
Elm Staff Writer

It would be difficult for any Washington College student to not see at least one post from @wacsnapshot, a student-run photography account on Instagram which includes various posts of WC students and events.

Created and run by senior Benjamin Wang, the account, which Wang started after transferring in March  2020, is an archive of photos that he’s taken during his time studying at WC. The account consists of a wide range of WC snapshots, including sports photos, nature shots, and portraits or group photos of students.

Wang’s account used to consist exclusively of sports photos, particularly of men’s lacrosse, which he himself used to play. As time has passed, he’s expanded to include volleyball and basketball, as well as other school and sporting events.

His sports posts are often reposted by WC’s official team sports pages and student athletes who request portraits. As one of the school’s athletic correspondents, this also allows for Wang to get paid while doing something he loves.

Moving into his senior year, Wang wanted to expand the subjects of his photography and account outside the type of shots he has done in the past.

“I feel like, for me, this year, especially being a senior, I wanted to record more memories for myself,” Wang said. “So, anything that happens that I think it would be fun, I want to go to, I’ll bring my camera with me.”

The account now includes various fun, genuine shots that Wang takes around campus, which he posts on the @wacsnapshot’s story.

These shots are often ones that Wang doesn’t feel would ordinarily be posted on an official WC Instagram page.

“I think, in this way, we can show people the other side of WAC,” Wang said. “Not necessarily negative, but like, we have more freedom, more leniency.”

As an RA, admissions tour guide, Phi Delta Theta brother, and the president of Enactus, Wang enjoys interacting with others and describes himself as “outgoing.” However, he also appreciates the opportunity to participate from behind a camera.

Wang feels that this limited involvement allows for him to view a different perspective of the world.

“You see different things when you’re [an] outsider,” Wang said. “I think that’s why I feel like my favorite things to shoot are sports and events, or street photography, because you never know what’s going to happen in the next second or minute — what you’re gonna get next frame. It just happens.”

Many of the photos on the account, which as of Oct. 2 has 385 followers, fall into this unstaged category.

As its following grows, Wang also uses the account as an opportunity to explore the world of marketing. He plays with different formats, analyzing how many views he gets depending on the type of photo he posts.

He even has his own established marketing methods, preferring to keep some of his content consistent in order to maintain traffic to the page.

His main reason for running the account, though, is not only to create a “photo archive” of his “time at WAC,” as its bio reads, but to also create a central place where he can share pieces of the WC community that people might not be aware of otherwise.

“I think it’s simply a good way to get people involved and a good way to share useful information,” Wang said. He hopes that, in the future, @wacsnapshot will be able to bring separate offices, groups, and events on campus together, to an account that showcases all WC has to offer.

Photo Courtesy of Ben Wang

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