CPG Post-Break Announcement

On Nov. 12, in preparation for the upcoming holiday break, the Washington College Contingency Planning Group released a campus-wide update via email.

In addition to encouraging students, staff, and faculty members alike to continue practicing COVID-19 safety precautions, including wearing masks and practicing social distancing, the CPG stressed that, while it may seem that life is returning to a pre-pandemic normal, “[the College] is not out of the woods yet.” 

“We urge [all] to be diligent in following standard safety practices during any holiday travel, and remain cautious about your activities during the break,” the CPG said in the email. “We will all be coming back together as a community for the last few weeks of the semester after the Thanksgiving break and we want to do so as safely as we have the last couple of months.” 

Along with continuing to wear masks and social distance, the CPG also recommends individuals keep washing and sanitizing their hands frequently. For the actual holiday, the CPG advises individuals, if gathering with family and friends, to do so either outdoors or with as few people as possible, according to the email.  

The CPG also announced that the College is considering increasing COVID-19 testing at the conclusion of Thanksgiving break. While this decision is still under review, available options for WC could include “one-time testing upon return” and “testing of a certain % of our entire community, including those who are fully vaccinated,” according to the email.  

Further details concerning testing requirements will be shared once a final decision is made. The campus community is encouraged to prepare themselves to comply with the requirements mandated by the College. 

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