Exam care packages return to campus in time for finals

By Grace Hazlehurst
Elm Staff Writer

‘Tis the season for finals, and there is nothing better to ease stress than ordering an exam care package from the Women’s League of Washington College.

According to their website, the Women’s League was established in 1951 by former First Lady of WC Helen S. Gibson, who created the group as a way to build closer ties between the College and the surrounding community. Since their founding, the group has donated over $400,000 to WC.

“The organization works to raise money for Washington College because it is so important to the economy and culture of Chestertown,” President of the Women’s League of Washington College Bobby Sutton said.

Exam care packages provide students with a wide variety of healthy delicious snacks to “fuel studying.”

The selection of foods varies throughout the year based on reviews from students who purchased the packages. Some lucky students can find $50 gift cards to WC’s bookstore or local restaurants in their package.

Students can purchase the boxes for themselves or receive them from family and friends.

“It’s really encouraging and heartwarming to receive something that is meant to boost your confidence,” senior Megan Loock said.

Loock received a care package from her family every year she’s been on campus.

“My parents always sign the note from them, my sister, and my dog, which is really encouraging because it reminds me where I will be after I hit that final submit button for the last time of the semester.”

Loock’s personal favorite snacks in the exam care packages include the ramen and the GoGo Squeeze Applesauce.

“I love [the applesauce] because I can eat it without having to use my hands. It’s very convenient…and I love the ramen, it is my comfort food when I take a break from writing a paper,” Loock said.

Each exam care package costs $25, and all proceeds are donated to scholarship and endowment funds for the College. Exam care packages can be ordered for both the fall and spring semester. Both can be ordered in the fall at a discount, via the Women’s League Website.

This year, the Women’s League switched the exam care package containers to cardboard rather than the plastic containers used in the past.

“These boxes can be recycled, and are significantly more ecologically mindful,” Chairman of the Exam Care Package Committee Linda Applegate said.

 The Women’s League has been making packages since 1999, which continue to be very popular among students.

According to Applegate, around 250 exam care packages are given out a semester, with 10% being donated to students in need.

 “In the past, they have gone to foreign exchange students and more recently some Washington Scholars as well as scholarship students,” Applegate said.

Orders for exam care packages close on Nov. 25 and the Women’s League will distribute them on Wednesday, Dec. 8, in Hodson Hall. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to WCExamCare@gmail.com.

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