IM Ultimate Frisbee season

By Grace Hazlehurst
Elm Staff Writer

The Intramural Ultimate Frisbee season began on Oct. 25 and will last through Nov. 11, with a large turnout of 139 players split across nine teams.

Matches are scheduled for 9:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and last roughly one hour.

Students make their own teams at the beginning of the season, making for great opportunities to play with friends and meet new people.

Each of the teams picked a name for their group. Some team names incorporated frisbee themed puns, such as the Floppy Discs, Floppy-er Discs, Redisculous, Frisbaes, Discfunction, and Disc Jockeys. Other teams included the Mammas and Papas, Waka Flockas, and Ball Throwers.

Captain of the Floppy-er Discs, sophomore Cole McGee, said that his favorite part of playing on an IM team is the “bonding of teammates and even the opponents.”

“It’s cool to see and talk to people that you usually don’t get to on an everyday basis,” McGee said.

For many students, IM sports are also a way to try their hand at something new that might be outside of their comfort zone.

Captain of the Redisculous team, sophomore Dori McMenamin said, “I have just started playing, but I am enjoying how silly it is.”

“Not a lot of people have experience playing frisbee, so it is way less competitive than the soccer league. It is a lot of fun and a very easy sport to learn. One of my teammates was learning the rules two minutes before she went onto the field and was still able to get it down quickly and play well,” McMenamin said.

No experience is needed to play any IM sport, and Captain of the Frisbaes senior Leonard Brogen said he wishes more students realized that.

“I wish more people knew about it and would come out to play. I feel they might think it’s a seriously competitive environment when it’s really just meant to be for fun. I strongly encourage everyone to give at least one IM sport a try, even if you join as a ‘free agent.’ They are a really fun experience,” Brogen said.

Presently, the Floppy-er Discs are in the lead with a record of 3-0, with the Disc Jockeys and Frisbaes tied for a close second at 2-0. Redisculous stands at 1-1, with the Mammas and Papas and Discfunction tied at 1-2. Lastly, the Ball Throwers and Waka Flockas are tied at 0-2, with the Floppy Discs at 0-1 due to cancelled games. Playoffs have yet to be scheduled.

Photo by Grace Hazlehurst
Featured Photo Caption: Junior Jon Kelly and sophomore Cole Olson, members of the Ball Throwers frantically rush to catch the frisbee before it hits the ground in an intense match against the Floppy-er Discs.

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