Kent County local Christalyn Grandison ’11 announced as Cleopatra’s Sisters’ new advisor

By Olivia Montes
News Co-Editor 

The Washington College student-led social organization, Cleopatra’s Sisters, announced that Christlayn Grandison ’11 is the group’s new advisor on their Instagram page on Oct. 19.

 According to the post, Grandison’s experiences as a WC alumni, the second recipient of the institutional Kent County Vincent Hynson ’87 Scholarship — which is given to a Kent County High School alumni annually — and a member of Cleopatra’s Sisters, as well as her dedication toward furthering their messages of empowerment and sisterhood, has many members excited to have her in this position. 

With her resume spanning from being resource advisor at the U.S. Air Force Reserve, as well as the treasurer for the non-profit organization Minary’s Dream Alliance, Inc. and volunteering with the USO-Delaware on Dover Air Force Base, it was Grandison’s involvement and ability to connect with others that, according to senior and President of Cleopatra’s Sisters Ama Amponsah, made her stand out among the rest. 

“I think that way [Grandison] is so amazing,” Amponsah said. “She’s the best of both worlds because she understands what it’s like to be a Washington College student, [and] she has these great connections with people in Chestertown who could help us not only after [graduation], but while we’re in college, [and] make these four years…a good experience.” 

When first approached by Amponsah at the conclusion of her internship at the Starr Center of the American Experience in the summer of 2021, Grandison’s immediate reaction was surprise. 

“It was really humbling…[and] knowing that they even considered me was an honor,” Grandison said. “The organization itself has gone through so many changes…and I am just really excited about the fact that they’re thriving, making a difference of being a safe space for the members…[and] each one of the members has something to bring to the table. It’s such a diverse group, and that’s one thing that I really look forward to learning more about and how to support them.” 

According to Amponsah, the “biggest role” of the organization’s advisor is to be “the liaison between faculty, staff, and the students,” as well as striving to continue upholding the messages of harmony, integrity, and unity of Cleopatra’s Sisters, and she felt that Grandison embodied these qualities and more. 

“Grandison can…lead our community via outreach because she lives in the [Chestertown] community and has really great muscle connection,” Amponsah said. “I hope that, with Grandison being an advisor, she can help bring back some of the [members] who have graduated for a while and maybe they want to reconnect.” 

In anticipation for the organization’s anniversary this upcoming spring semester, Grandison hopes to emphasize the importance of sisterhood. She also aims to consistently help members as much and often as she can, as well as further encourage others to contribute toward bettering their fellow individuals and communities.

“One of the things that I’ve taken with me throughout life is to be indispensable, and [while] I never have really felt like I’m little or felt like I was the solution to someone’s problems, I always look for ways where I can help them,” Grandison said. “I’m intentional about adding value, making myself useful…but I still am consciously learning, resting, recharging, still receiving support from my Sisters — that’s how I show up well for others.” 

“I hope that my example inspires them to be intentionally good to themselves and their peers, to step in when others shy away from challenges,” she said. “It only takes one moment, one person to make an impact.”

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