Pumpkin painting and “Hocus Pocus” makes for a fun Halloweekend activity

By Grace Hazlehurst
Elm Staff Writer

There is no better way to get into the Halloween spirit than decorating pumpkins, students did just that. and at the Student Events Board annual Pumpkin Party hosted on Friday, Oct. 29. With an array of carving utensils, colorful paints, and a huge tarp, students were able to get creative with their pumpkins.

SEB advertised the event the entire week-of, covering campus with hand-drawn flyers of pumpkins and even creating a promotional rap which was posted to their TikTok account, @wac_seb.

SEB Director of Series Events junior Noah Vargas said, “The most difficult part about hosting events like this has to be making sure that the events are being advertised effectively to the students. It creates a challenge for the SEB, but one that we are willing to step up to.”

According to Vargas, the Pumpkin Party has been a tradition at WC for years because of how much students enjoy it.

“I think the Pumpkin Party is great for people to relax, have a good time carving and painting pumpkins, and to dress up. This was not my first time attending the event, and I had just as much fun as I did then,” junior Lexi Meola said. “I liked seeing everyone painting and carving their pumpkins and not being too stressed out about classes.”

For other students, like junior Julia Totis, the Pumpkin Party was a perfect way to keep old traditions alive. “I always carve pumpkins with my dad, and initially I was kind of bummed that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to carve one this year, so the Pumpkin Party was a lot of fun.”

Not only could students carve pumpkins, but they could also watch the Disney classic “Hocus Pocus,” and compete in a costume contest for Dunkin Donuts’ gift cards and king-sized candy bars. The winners were freshmen Farren Hauer and Nolan Punte, who both dressed up as “sexy ghosts.”

Students are already looking forward to next year’s celebration, and hope that it will be just as fun as this year’s.

“I would love for them to host it again,” Totis said, “I feel like the event was really great. There was clearly a lot of thought put into it. I’m excited for next year.”

The SEB hosts many events that encourage student participation, like the Pumpkin Party, throughout the academic year. To stay in the know and receive updates, students can follow SEB on their Instagram @wac_seb.

Photo by Grace Hazlehurst

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