Shows you can watch to replace what you missed on “Glee!”

By Liv Barry
Elm Staff Writer

On Oct. 21, popular streaming service Netflix delivered the heartbreaking news that the hit musical comedy series “Glee” would be removed from the platform at the end of the month.

“Glee” last began streaming on Netflix in 2019, its addition sparking a new wave of “Glee” mania in those who were too young to watch the show during its original run on Fox.

For Gleeks already looking to fill the “Glee”-sized hole in their hearts, here are some shows to consider adding to your queue.


Filled with intrigue, melodrama, and plenty of musical episodes, “Riverdale” is a fitting match for “Glee.”

While “Glee” catered to the dry, ironic humor of Millennial teenagers, “Riverdale” has the absurd, campy sense of humor that is abundant in popular Gen Z media.

It’s the perfect watch for any Millennial seeking to relive their “Glee” phase, or any Gen Z-er looking for a new show that’s so bad it’s good.

Watch if you want to learn more about the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football. Find it streaming on Netflix and the CW App.

“Gossip Girl” (2021)

With the second half of its first season returning to air in November, now is the perfect time to pick up HBO Max’s “Gossip Girl” reboot.

The reboot shares many of the satirical themes of “Glee,” poking fun at its source material and characters.

Don’t be fooled, however; even with the satire, “Gossip Girl” still has an abundance of drama packed into the six episodes available to watch.

 Depending on what you’re feeling, “Gossip Girl” can either be watched as a satirical commentary of both Gen-Z culture and the rich, or just watched as mindless fun. Find it streaming on HBO Max.


Similar to “Glee,” Netflix’s “Atypical” is all about embracing your own identity in spite of the opinions of others.

“Atypical” tackles many of the social issues that “Glee” set out to acknowledge, but finds its footing far easier than its predecessor and handles these issues with tact.

 In its four-season run, the show covers disability, sexuality, complex family dynamics, and more. Find it streaming on Netflix.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

If you love “Glee” for its outrageous humor, CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is the ideal show for you.

Framed as a musical comedy, the show follows Rebecca, a lawyer who quits her high-paying job in New York City in the midst of a mental breakdown to pursue her high school boyfriend.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” also tackles social issues, most notably mental health.

Just as “Glee” does, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” balances comedy, music, and drama with ease. Find it streaming on Netflix.

“Big Little Lies”

HBO’s “Big Little Lies” is the grown-up equivalent to “Glee.”

 If your days as a Gleek are far behind you, but you’re still longing to fill a Rachel Berry-sized hole in your heart, “Big Little Lies” provides all of the catty drama of “Glee,” just delivered by wealthy Californian mothers rather than high-schoolers.

Reese Witherspoon’s Madeline is essentially just Rachel Berry post-Broadway retirement.

While “Big Little Lies” is not a musical, it does have an incredible soundtrack, including songs by Alabama Shakes, Leon Bridges, Willie Nelson, and more. Find it streaming on HBO Max.

Any show created by Ryan Murphy

Finding a show worthy enough to stand next to “Glee” is difficult, but not impossible.

Hopefully this list will provide some guidance, but if none of these suit your fancy, then fear not.

Netflix is partnered with “Glee’s” showrunner, Ryan Murphy, who has also created shows like “Pose,” the “American Horror Story” and “American Crime Story”, “The Politician,” and much more.

With that many shows under a creator’s belt, it’s impossible to not find something you enjoy. Go forth and Gleek out.

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