WC students celebrate Halloween back on campus after COVID-19

By Heather Fabritze
Elm Staff Writer

This past weekend, Washington College students celebrated the first entirely on-campus Halloween since the start of the pandemic, with events downtown and throughout campus.

Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, allowing students to enter what is known as “Halloweekend” — the opportunity to attend Halloween-themed events and build up the excitement all weekend long.

Painted and carved pumpkins, free candy, and other Halloween decorations could be found all over campus. Students had the opportunity to dress up in costumes for classes and clubs throughout the week, adding to the Halloween spirit.

Some students, such as freshman Alie Brewer, chose to pack their weekends ahead of time with events and celebrations.

Brewer attended the Student Event Board’s Pumpkin Party event in the Goose Nest on Friday evening. Saturday morning, she went to the Chestertown farmer’s market and watched the Chestertown Halloween Parade. She and her friends decided to go out for a night downtown to celebrate the actual holiday on Sunday, Oct. 31.

Halloween is Brewer’s favorite holiday, and she was excited to experience it in college for the first time.

“It’s just so different,” Brewer said. “Especially having large groups of friends, there’s different events, and even though this is a small town ­— like my hometown — there’s a lot of different, more college-oriented events that are going on that I’m really excited to participate in.”

Another part of the holiday she was anticipating was the creativity of the costumes.

According to Brewer, she feels that one can tell a lot about “peoples’ personalities” based on what they choose to wear.

Brewer herself dressed up as a demon for Halloween, featuring a black dress, black leggings, and elaborate makeup all over her body.

Freshman Nolan Punte also loves the general “vibe” and aesthetic of Halloween but had few concrete plans in place. He was aware that he would be dressing up as a classic sheet ghost with his partner, but most of the weekend was left up to chance.

One part of his Halloweekend that he was looking forward to was his first viewing of the cult classic film, “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The local Flagship Cinemas in Chestertown had a free showing of the movie on Friday, Oct. 29 at 9:30 p.m.

“I’ve never seen ‘Rocky Horror’ and it’s a shame because I’ve heard it’s this really iconic queer film,” Punte said. “I feel like I’ve been missing out on an important part of my culture right up until now.”

Sophomore Ashley Kreitz, like Punte, decided to let most of her weekend plans remain a surprise. As a sister Alpha Chi Omega, her main plans were to attend their Haunted Casino Night on Friday evening.

She wore a witch’s hat for the event, with plans to dress as an angel and devil duo with her roommate later that weekend.

While Kreitz doesn’t “get as into” Halloween as others, she looked forward to spending an actual Halloween celebration on-campus.

“Overall, [we] haven’t really had a normal Halloween,” Kreitz said. “Last year was okay, but [being] back here and having everyone on campus, I think it’ll be cool to have one big Halloween.”

Many WC students around campus felt the same and did all they could to make this year’s return to Halloween as spooky and memorable as possible.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Fleming

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