Buildings & Grounds sidewalk repairs

On Nov. 22, Washington College, in partnership with Chester River Landscaping, started to refurbish the brick sidewalk located between Parking Lot C, Thomas E. Morris Residential Hall, and heading to Roy Kirby Stadium with funds from Trustee Rich Wood during the holiday break. 

According to a campus-wide email sent by the WC Residential Life staff on Nov. 17, reconstructing the sidewalk, which was scheduled to be completed over the course of 10 days, is one of many upcoming improvements being made over the next few months. This list also includes installing new rooftop heat pumps “[to] provide heating and cooling” for students in the Quad dorms; replacing the domestic copper water piping in the Minta Martin crawlspace, which seeks to “[provide] water for the showers and restrooms in the building”; and installing a new kitchen on the first floor of Caroline House.

“Buildings and Grounds has worked hard over the past few months to identify issues in the halls and secure the funding for the repairs,” the email said. “Many of these things happen behind the scenes, but we wanted to let [students] know some of the improvements and recognize the work that B&G is doing to make [students’] on-campus experience better.”

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