SGA Minutes – 11.16

1. Administrative remarks were made by Mayor of Chestertown David Foster. Questions directed to Foster discussed issues regarding transportation; the relationships between the Chestertown Police Department and the Washington College Public Safety; and how Foster will use his position to acknowledge on-campus sidewalk inaccessibility issues, ensure the equal treatment of all Chestertown residents and students, and address discriminatory housing practices. Any additional questions and/or concerns should be directed to junior Maegan White. A date for a follow-up session is to be announced. 

2. The Senatorial Open Forum included a debriefing from Class of 2025 President Public Safety Liaison freshman Stephen Hook. Topics discussed include the availability of updated ticketing information on the PS website; the revoking of commuter passes and mandating all commuters to pay $80 for a regular pass; and further communication clarifying parking passes and ticketing system. This was followed by a Q&A session with attending students. 

3. Club printing is now operational. To make printing requests, clubs and organizations must reach out to SGA Director of Communications & Marketing and senior Liz Hay at Requests must include the design(s), the number of copies needed, and any other crucial information. 

4. The brothers of the Kappa Sigma Omicron-Phi fraternity thank all those who came out to their bi-annual pancake breakfast on Saturday, Nov. 13. The event raised over $4,000 for the Military Heroes Campaign. More information about the fulfillment of their incentives is available on the fraternity’s social media pages.

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