A definitive ranking of the beverage to end all beverages

By Kaitlin Dunn
Lifestyle Editor

We all have our preferences when it comes to our favorite beverages. From Dr. Pepper to Celsius to green tea, everyone has a drink that just manages to always hit the spot. No other drink, however, has as much of a cult following as the illustrious Diet Coke. Diet Coke fans are dedicated to the sweet carbonation of the beverage, devoting their time, money, and energy to the pursuit of the nectar.

“It’s happiness in a can. It’s the best part of my day,” sophomore and Diet Coke Connoisseur Karen Anderson said.

For those who are highly dedicated to beverage, not all forms are equal.

“Diet Coke is better in some forms than others. A bottle of it is not the same as a can of it,” Anderson said.

In the pursuit of knowledge, here are the definitive pros and cons of Diet Coke in all of its forms.

Canned Diet Coke

Canned Diet Coke is one of the more accessible forms of the beverage, being available in large quantities at your typical grocery store.

The carbonation is enhanced by the metal of the can, helping to create a more well-rounded flavor experience with the hint of metal. For casual Diet Coke enjoyers, the can is one of the better vehicles of which to consume the beveverage.

The downside to canned Diet Coke lies in the fact that it is not resealable. If you are averse to intense carbonation, like myself, the can may be too intense of an experience on your taste buds, as you are forced to drink slower,  with the beverage slowly losing carbonation until the drink lacks the effervesant qualities it is so well known for.

Individual Bottle Diet Coke

Like the can, this is also a form of Diet Coke that is easily accessible through most retailers. However, the bottle lacks the same properties as the canned Diet Coke.

The bottle is plastic, which is a give and take experience. If you are not a fan of hard bubbles, the plastic bottle seems to soften them. However, this is a downside if you drink Diet Coke with the expectation of sugary fireworks in your mouth.

This form of Diet Coke is the most portable, with easy resealable properties so the consumer can easily throw it in their purse or backpack.

Liter Diet Coke

“There is little to no way I will ever drink Liter Diet Coke,” Anderson said. “The experience just isn’t the same.”

Liter Diet Coke is one of the least popular forms of Diet Coke. While the size makes it easier to share with your closest fellow Diet Coke enjoyers, the oral experience and flavor is not the same. Consider comparing it to a homemade cookie vs commercially made grocery store ones – the attention to detail is lacking.

Not only are the flavors and carbonation lacking in the liter Diet Coke, but extra steps are required to consume it.

You have to first find your own cup to pour the beverage into, dulling the excitment that comes with drinking Diet Coke.

While the liter is convienent when you need to share, the cons highly outweigh the pros in terms of the individual Diet Coke drinking experience.

McDonald’s Diet Coke

If Diet Coke had a Mecca, a pilgrimage of which devotees must practice, it would be McDonald’s Diet Coke. To quote a popular TikTok sound, “the flavors are melting on my tongue.”

Bubbly, perfectly sweet, and ice cold, McDonald’s delivers in every way when it comes to performance and flavor of Diet Coke.

There are little to no downsides to the experience. You can get a large Diet Coke for $1, ready to drink at any time of day. There is a McDonald’s close enough to walk to if you don’t have a car, and the destination makes it worth the journey.

“It’s spicy. The flavors are in fact melting on your tongue,” sophomore and Casual Diet Coke Enjoyer Ashley Krietz said. No matter which form you choose, Diet Coke is a beverage that will rarely, if ever, disappoint.

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Featured Photo Caption: Diet Coke is an experience, not just a beverage. Its devotees are large in numbers and dedicated to the drink.

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