Friendly IM volleyball matches lead up to playoffs

By Heather Fabritze
Elm Staff Writer

With the return of the spring semester came the start of Washington College’s intramural volleyball league on Monday, Feb. 7.

This year’s recreational season was extended from the regular two-week length to three, ending the week of Feb. 21. The regular season will be followed immediately by the IM volleyball championship games the next week.

On the current schedule around six games are played per week. IM rules allow for there to be four people from each team on the court at a time, making a total count of eight players.

The seven recreational teams fighting for the championship t-shirt this season are as follows: Around the Grounds FC, How I Set Your Mother, King Matt’s Regiment, Server? I hardly know her, Set 4 Life, That’s what she set, and the Honor Board.

Currently, all teams have at least two games under their belt. Around the Grounds FC holds a 1-2-0 record, How I Set Your Mother has one loss and two wins, and King Matt’s Regiment won three games in a row; Set 4 Life stands at a 2-2-0 record, Server? I hardly know her is also at 2-2-0; That’s what she set has a 1-2-0 record, and the Honor Board rounds out at 0-2-0.

According to Captain of How I Set Your Mother senior Zachary Hoyle, he and his friends attempt to participate in every IM sport. Many of them played sports in high school, and doing IM is a “fun experience” that brings them back to the enjoyment they had in those years.

“It’s been a fun season,” Hoyle said. “Having a large team with all different skill sets makes for a fun season with lots of individual progression over the duration of the season.”

According to Hoyle, seeing their progress in their first win of the season, which all their friends came to watch, made the experience even better.

Captain and freshman of Set 4 Life Kaitlin Osucha also loves the opportunity for friends to come out, watch, and cheer for the IM teams; in fact, spectator support is her favorite part of the IM league.

“I think the second game [was my favorite], when we had a lot of people there,” Osucha said. “And we were like passing, setting, hitting, and it really reminded me of club volleyball.”

Osucha, who played volleyball in high school, created her team due to her love for the sport.

Other teams such as King Matt’s Regiment, view the IM league as a form of celebration. Made up of multiple assistant volleyball coaches and varsity players, they decided to join the league as one last hurrah for their senior members.

Captain of King Matt’s Regiment, Athletic Giving Coordinator, and Assistant Coach of Women’s Volleyball Alexis Jordan ’17 appreciated all the last “laughs” they were able to have with them.

“We wanted to celebrate our senior volleyball players and take advantage of the opportunity to play with them for fun,” Jordan said.

Sophomore Sylvia Johnson co-captains the Honor Board, a team made up of multiple varsity volleyball players, along with a few non-varsity students.

She enjoys the chance to have fun in the off-season while competing against some of her teammates on King Matt’s Regiment.

“It’s been great,” Johnson said. “Nothing too serious and just a fun thing to do a couple of evenings a week. Everyone is in good spirits and joking around on the court, so even if you lose, you have a great time.”

Hoyle, Osucha, Jordan, and Johnson all express hopes of making it past the playoffs and into the championship game — though, only time will tell the winner.

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