On This Day…

90 years ago:

February 27, 1932: “The Senior Class is considering for the Annual Gift of the Graduating Class to the college a plaque engraved with a facsimile of the Houdon bust of Washington and bearing the legend ‘Washington Bicentennial 1732-1932, presented by the class of 1932.’ It is a product of the Hevff-Jones Co., of Indianapolis.”

60 years ago:

March 3, 1962: “The Washington College chapter of the American Association of University Professors was reactivated Monday night, February 12, at a meeting in Minta Martin Hall after several years of inactivity. Dr. Roland Gibson, professor of economics, was elected president, Dr. Esther Dillon, professor of Spanish, was chosen vice-president, and Richard H. Reis, instructor of English, was named secretary-treasurer.”

40 years ago:

February 19, 1982: “The College to which George Washington gave consent to use his name will again pay tribute to him with annual Washington’s Birthday Convocation and Ball on Saturday, Feb. 20. This year’s celebration has significance, for 1982 is the 250th anniversary of the first president’s [birth] as well as Washington College’s centennial year.”

10 years ago:

February 24, 2012: “The College is considering adding a Media Studies Minor and maybe even a Communications Major in the near future, and I for one say hallelujah.”

5 years ago:

February 24, 2017: “Crickets were on the menu last Friday, Feb. 17, as part of ‘The New Face of Farm to Table: Insects on the Menu,’ an event sponsored by the Center for Environment and Society (CES).”

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