Former Principal Designated Official Sue Calloway departs

By Grace Apostol
Elm Staff Writer

On March 10, Washington College Associate Dean for International Education Rebecca Moreno sent an email to the WC community regarding the departure of Principal Designated School Official Sue Calloway on March 11. 

According to the email, with Calloway’s departure from the College, the WC Global Education Office will be losing their position of principal designated official. 

Calloway, who has been a member of the WC community since 2009, is departing the community for Naples, Fla. to be closer to her family.

She worked first at WC as the assistant to the then-associate provost Dr. Patrice DiQuinzio, Calloway went on to work for WC-ALL in 2013 where she worked for nine years. She officially assumed the position of principal designated school official for GEO in 2020.

The Washington College Academy of Lifelong Learning helps those in the surrounding communities to partake in non-credit classes, implementing partnership between the College and community.

Within the GEO department, the faculty and staff “encourages and facilitates international interactions and experiences for WC students, faculty, staff, and community members as well as for exchange students from 30 partner institutions abroad,” according to the WC website.

Also, according to the WC website, “Calloway enjoys helping students, undergrad or otherwise, get the most from their opportunities for education.”

According to Calloway, the College has been an important part of her life. 

“WC has been a huge part of my life for many years, and I hope that its future is as bright as the students that make it their educational home,” Calloway said.

Before coming to WC, Calloway “had several jobs covering a myriad of disciplines” before joining the education field, including those within banking, insurance, real estate, and the public library system. 

Originally from Newark, De., Calloway graduated from Goldey Beacom College in Wilmington, De.

According to Calloway, the connections and “great relationships” that she made on the College campus and the surrounding Chestertown community leave a lasting feeling and are what she will miss the most as she embarks on her next steps in life.

The GEO Administrative Assistant Carmen Clemons will become the interim PDSO beginning Monday, March 14, according to the email.

“In her new role, Clemons will serve as the main point of contact for all matters related to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program,” Moreno said. “She will oversee all F-1 student visas and campus compliance with F-1 immigration regulations.” This means that Clemons will be in charge of exchange students’ visas and their immigration regulations within the College campus community. 

As much as Calloway will miss the College connections she made, she does “hope that its future is as bright as the students that make it their educational home,” the community will miss her and all her appreciated work. 

“We are very grateful for Sue’s dedicated work for the GEO in the past year, and we wish her the very best,” Moreno said. “Thanks to Carmen’s willingness to serve the office in a new capacity, we can continue offering the services that our international students need without any major disruption.”

Photo Courtesy of Washington College

Featured Photo Caption: With the departure of former Principal Designated School Official Sue Calloway on March 11, Global Education Office Administrative Assistant Carmen Clemons will act as the interim PDSO beginning March 14.

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