“Go green or go home”: Greenware to-go containers return to the Dining Hall

By Cecilia Cress
News Co-Editor

As of March 21, greenware reusable containers will be available for purchase in Hodson Dining Hall. 

The containers can be purchased for $5.00 at the front desk of the Dining Hall and are used for when an individual wishes to take food to go. Dining Dollars or any other form of payment can be used.

Once used, they can be brought back to the Dining Hall where staff will wash it, and “in the meantime you will be given a redeemable card for future needs,” according to an email sent by Assistant Director of Dining Services Kayla Young. Anyone who already has a reusable container from past years is also welcome to use it.

According to Young, the “Go Green or Go Home” program began in the spring of 2017 and continued until it halted during the COVID-19 pandemic due to contact-related precautions. This initiative was created in order to lessen the waste of the Styrofoam to-go boxes.

“The cost and waste of Styrofoam to-go containers is not something we want to keep promoting,” Young said.  The green to-go containers are much better for our environment and our budget.”

Dining Hall staff encourages faculty, staff, and students to take advantage of this more environmentally-friendly alternative. The reusable containers will continue to be offered on a permanent basis at the Dining Hall. 

“We are so glad to see the students, faculty, and staff are as happy as we are about the return of the green to-go boxes,” Young said.

Photo by Jakob Watt

Featured Photo Caption: The Dining Hall reintroduced the choice of using reusable Greenware containers for taking food to go.

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