Shaun Ramsey is new Associate Dean of Faculty

By Cecilia Cress
News Co-Editor

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Dr. Shaun Ramsey was recently named associate Dean of Faculty, a position that also placed him as the acting chair of Washington College’s Cromwell Center for Teaching and Learning. 

Dr. Ramsey has worked at WC for nearly 18 years teaching mathematics and computer science classes. He has also served as chair of mathematics and computer science department as well as chair of faculty council in the past, however the responsibilities involved with the associate dean of faculty title caused him to relinquish those positions, and teach fewer classes this semester.

“To become dean, I gave up being chair of my department after four years and chair of faculty council. Those other positions gave me a strong sense of what some aspects of being an administrator might look like. I lament the lost time with my students, but I justify that by improving the lives of the students with my administrative efforts,” Dr. Ramsey said.

In his new position, Dr. Ramsey oversees the technical side of administrative work at the College. He is involved with the technicalities of departments and services across campus such as the Office of Student Records and Registration, Student Self-Service, the campus Wi-Fi, and more.

“I would say that I am the faculty-facing and technology-facing side of the Provost’s Office,” Dr. Ramsey said. “I run new faculty orientations and often meet with chairs to hash out and work through any problems they may encounter.”

“Because of my technical expertise, I am also a liaison to other technical offices around campus for the Provost’s Office,” Dr. Ramsey said. 

Dr. Ramsey said he currently holds many ideas pertaining to the continuous improvement of online campus services, not just in the Department of Academic Affairs, but throughout the WC community.

“I want to make space for us to look forward, work together, think constructively, and undergo continuous improvement…Whether it is Wi-Fi in the dorm rooms and classrooms, Self-Service progress tabs, cloud computing, computer purchasing, student evaluations, catalogs, web development, system integrations or other technically related issues, I want to jump in and help,” Dr. Ramsey said.

Dr. Ramsey received his bachelor’s degree in computer science with a specialization in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware. He also holds a Ph.D. in computer science, with an interest in computer graphics research. 

Before coming to WC, Dr. Ramsey worked as a software engineer in a wide range of areas and occupations, including the army, while always maintaining an interest in teaching and tutoring. 

“I’ve been teaching and tutoring since high school and individualized instruction is a major reason why I chose a liberal arts school like WC. I believe we need to teach the whole student and not just the discipline of interest,” Dr. Ramsey said. “I love WC and believe in WC and the liberal arts education that we provide.”

Dr. Ramsey was also recognized at the College’s annual Birthday Convocation ceremony on Feb. 25. He received the Joseph L. Holt Distinguished Service Award for his nearly two-decade-long commitment to the College.

“[Dr. Ramsey] is truly devoted to this institution and demonstrates this through his mentoring of students, his collaboration with colleagues, and his willingness to step into leadership positions at critical moments for the institution. He truly epitomizes the hardworking, and dedicated faculty member willing to go above and beyond for both his students and the College as a whole,” President of the College Dr. Mike Sosulski said. 

Dr. Ramsey encourages students, faculty, or staff to reach out to him via email at with any concerns or problems with Student Self-Service, as he has been working with OSSR to tackle every problem that is reported or found.

“The students are in my heart and my lifelong relationships with them are cherished. WC felt and feels like a place where my voice can be heard and where I can make a difference in the lives of my students and those around me. I hope to show others that WC and I have a duty of care and that we value every individual,” Dr. Ramsey said.

Photo by Kayla Thornton

Featured Photo Caption: As the new Associate Dean of Faculty, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Dr. Shaun Ramsey will contribute to the technical side of Washington College.

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