Smile pretty for the camera: Chestertown’s most Instagrammable places

By Kaitlin Dunn
Lifestyle Editor

When it comes to beautiful places, Chestertown is no stranger. With its waterfront location and small town charm, the area is perfect for capturing Instagram photos in any season. Here are some prime locations to live out your best modern day Gilmore Girls life.

With events such as Birthday Ball quickly approaching, you may be scrambling to decide where you will take your photos for the evening.

Never fear, however. Here are some of the most Instagrammable and commonly used photo locations in Chestertown.

The Waterfront

The most obvious place for photos is the waterfront. With the Chester River as a background, you can get beautiful back lit pictures on the docks. The Waterfront is the quintessential Washington College photography spot, and is often used when students take photos for Shoremal and Birthday Ball.

Downtown Chestertown

Chestertown’s picturesque downtown is perfect for those who are looking to curate a specific aesthetic.

“I think downtown Chestertown kind of reminds me of Halloweentown, it’s so cute,” sophomore Ashley Kreitz said.

If you are looking for specific locations, Evergrain has seating outside of their storefront that make for the perfect candids — you can get your coffee and   sun bun and have your friends take pictures of you on a beautiful Chestertown Saturday morning.

The Hodson Boathouse

Along with the Waterfront, the boathouse is also a great option for capturing pictures. It offers the best of both worlds. It is pretty enough to stand as a background by itself, but it also offers a view of the waterfront if you want to utilize it.

The Boathouse is used for a number of events at the College, and is open to all students, so you don’t have to reserve it in order to utilize it.

However, be careful when you go if you decide on this location, as you may run into rowing or sailing practices depending on the time of day.

Semans-Griswold Environmental Hall

One of Washington College’s newer buildings, Semans-Griswold is a beautiful location for photos, both inside and outside.

With plenty of windows offering natural light and a waterfront view, Semans-Griswold is the perfect place to take your golden hour pictures.

You do run the risk of running into a classroom though, so be cognizant of your timing.

The Custom House

If you’re looking to lean into the historical background of WC, the Custom House has three stories, each offering a different beautiful aspect that can offer a great backdrop for your Instagram. The Custom House holds many different historical objects, paintings, and bookshelves that can add a touch of dark academia to your Instagram Aesthetic.

Located in Downtown Chestertown, you can get a two for one and take pictures on the way there too

Washington College

Last but not least, WC itself has a beautiful campus with many different buildings that can be used for Instagram pictures. With the cherry blossom trees in bloom, the Cater Walk makes for a great Instagram-worthy photo shoot setting. The Toll Atrium is consistently beautiful, making it not only a great study space, but also great to feature in your feed.

No matter what you eventually decide, Chestertown has many beautiful places that would be great features on your Instagram feed.

Elm Archive Photos

Featured Photo Caption: Semans-Griswold is one of Washington College’s newest environmental buildings. Its dramatic windows, open space, wood paneling, and open space make it great Instagram pictures.

Downtown Chestertown has many picturesque shops that would make for great Instagram pictures, thanks to the brick.

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