Student Events Board hosts two back-to-back weekend events

By Grace Apostol and Cecilia Cress
Elm Staff Writer and News Co-Editor

The Washington College Student Events Board committee hosted a double event on Saturday, March 26.

These events included roller skating in the Goose Nest in Hodson Hall, which took place from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., and a bonfire at the fire pit outside Dorchester House at 6 p.m.

“Roller skating occurred on this campus a few years ago during Fall Fest and when it happened, it was a huge success. When we decided on this event, I got so excited from how many people came up to me expressing how excited they were to roller skate,” Director of the SEB Annual Series Events senior Iyonna Young said. “I personally love to skate — it’s a fun hobby where I can fully relax and feel the wind glide through my hands as I run laps around the rink.”

Later that day, the SEB bonfire — equipped with a build-your-own s’mores station and elaborate ingredients, including chili powder, peanut butter, and caramel — had numerous students come out in support.

According to Young, who was part of the planning for the bonfire event, they wanted to adjust this tradition to include all students in the fun.

“As a part of annual [series], we do a bonfire for the freshmen every single year,” Young said. “So I wanted to change it up, especially coming back from COVID-19.”

Young worked with other SEB members to see this event come to life, including Director of SEB Series Events junior Noah Vargas, who, according to Young, headed the planning for the bonfire.

“I’m really happy to see it come back to life again, and I know Vargas did a good job at executing it,” Young said.

“We had all of these events pre-planned earlier in the semester and we had everything set up,” Vargas said.

Photos by Olivia Dorsey

Featured Photo Caption: Members of the Washington College Student Events Board committee hosted two campus-wide activities, including roller-skating (above) and s’mores.

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