WC tennis conquers spring season-openers

By Jensyn Hartzell
Sports Editor

Both the Washington College men’s and women’s tennis teams completed their spring season-openers over the weekend of March 5-6.

The Shoremen hosted the Wilkes University Colonels at the Schottland Tennis Center and the Stevenson University Mustangs inside the Johnson Fitness Center courts on Saturday.

In doubles against the Colonels, juniors Landon Strober and Christian Gruyon swept the No. 2 competitors with a 8–0 win. The No. 3 doubles team, including freshman Johannes Ludwigstorff and junior Andrew Province, also dominated their game with another 8–0 win.

The No. 1 doubles team saw victory with a 8–1 from the efforts of junior Karl Hoegstedt and senior Andrew Smith.

The doubles matches allowed the Shoremen to lead 3–0 against the Colonels entering the singles matches.

The Shoremen won all of their singles matches. Gruyon, Ludwigstorff, senior Koby Bonta, sophomore Ryohei Kawai, and freshmen Aaradith Ravichandran and Brady Burns were victorious.

The Shoremen bested the Colonels, 9–0.

Next the Shoremen took on the Mustangs for their second game of the day.

The doubles matches saw a 8–2 win from Bonta and senior August Meriot in the No. 1 competition; Burns and Kawai also won 8–2 in No. 2. The Mustangs won the No. 3 match at 8–6.

Hoegstedt took the No. 1 singles spot with a 8–3 win before Strober dominated the No. 2 with a 8–0 win. Ravichandran, Province, Smith, and Gruyon also won their respective singles matches.

The Shoremen swept the Mustangs, 9–0.

The Colonels and Mustangs challenged the Shorewomen for their season-opener as well. Both matches were played at the Schottland Tennis Center.

First, juniors Irene Meng and Bin Nguyen and senior Alisha White achieved wins in their singles matches against the Colonels.

The Shorewomen continued their win streak by winning all three doubles matches. The No. 1 spot featured Meng and sophomore Piper Sartison with a score of 8–2. Nguyen and White won 8–1 at the No. 2 spot. Sophomore Maria Cristina Diaz-Nazario and junior Katie Ruppert completed a 8–6 win in the No. 3 match.

The ending score was 6–3, Shorewomen.

The Shorewomen finished off their season-opener against the Mustangs, where they dominated the five singles and three doubles matches.

Meng, White, Sartison, Nguyen, and Ruppert each had a victory in the singles competition. Names are in order of the ranking spot.

Sartison and Meng teamed up again for the No. 1 spot against the Mustangs, Nguyen and White at the No. 2, and Diaz-Nazario and Ruppert participated in the No. 3 doubles spot. All three teams were triumphant, leading the Shorewomen to a 8–1 win over the Mustangs. Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams will challenge the College of New Jersey in Ewing, N.J. on Friday, March 11. Both teams will compete at 3 p.m.

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