Library’s adoption of goth aesthetic in response to student survey encouraging

By Far-Out Farquaad
Fairy Tale Editor

Clifton M. Miller Library is undergoing extensive renovations in response to the space survey sent out to students in a campus-wide email early last month.

According to the project’s Redecoration Director Libby B. Barry, an overwhelming majority of Washington College students expressed a desire to see Miller Library completely redone.

“WC buildings toe the line between a colonial and a modern aesthetic, but students are looking to get something new and exciting out of their on-campus facilities,” Barry said. “They want a library designed in a way that makes studying enjoyable.”

In response to student feedback, the College organized the Library Aesthetic Committee (LAC). Headed by Barry and a student liaison — junior E. Moe — the LAC will tackle all necessary changes, which range from atmospheric tweaks to major program revisions.

“The student body is just sick of the usual suspects when it comes to our most-used study space,” Moe said. “We don’t want beige walls and sparse artwork anymore. We’re tired of bland presentations about how to cite sources. We want more out of our library.”

Encouragingly, LAC isn’t holding back when it comes to answering students’ pleas. The College’s dedication to this project reveals how much influence student opinions truly have.

Despite the unconventional survey results — it seems that WC students believe a goth aesthetic will add exponentially to the functionality of Miller Library — the committee plans to initiate some of their more minor changes as early as April 8.

According to Moe, this initial round of modifications includes repainting the library’s interiors black and mandating a fringe bang haircut for all student employees who work the circulation desk.

The committee’s sense of urgency is unmistakable.

“We’re also looking to replace the lighting in the building with something a little more atmospheric. Right now, candelabra lighting is on our radar,” Barry said. “I’m also hoping to convince the committee that the library should have mood music playing.”

While studying in dark, shadowy rooms with My Chemical Romance blasting might seem like more than enough to meet students’ studying standards, the College is taking the survey results seriously.

The College went above and beyond the recommendations of student survey respondents by hiring Professional Renovator and esteemed Property Brother Jonathan Scott.

Students were shocked to learn that Scott would be taking on the Miller Library project.

“It really showed that WC is intent on meeting our needs as students,” senior Masha Pitt said. “We said that we wanted to see changes made to the library, and they reached out to the best of the best, which is super cool.”

Under Scott’s guidance, some of the LAC’s more aspirational revamping plans will be put into action.

“Of course, we understand that this is going to be a pretty significant development on an otherwise rather traditional campus,” Scott said. “But we want WC students to feel at home in their campus workspace, so that’s what we’re going to make happen.”

The LAC proposed several projects to Scott on April 1. According to Scott, this includes the design of several gargoyles to be placed on the building’s exterior, the installation of a basement concert venue, and the addition of a new wing intended for a year-round haunted house.

“I’m just so excited to see how it all turns out,” Pitt said. “Scott’s so talented, and the LAC are so passionate about this project. I know it’s going to make studying at WC an unforgettable experience.”

WC students should be encouraged by the College’s interest in their input. The rigorous means by which the LAC has pursued the Miller Library project demonstrates a possibility for future changes based on student experiences.

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