New complaint department to be installed on campus

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On March 25, Washington College introduced a new complaint department titled “That’s WAC!”

Amidst an influx of complaints within the community, coordinator Sophie Kerr decided it was time to dedicate a center for students to voice their concerns on campus.

“I hear all over the campus about how the community can do better,” Kerr said. “So, I decided that having an outlet for those suggestions would be a great addition to the school.”

Kerr, who has been a part of the College for 54 years, thought it was time to give students more of a voice.

“I want students to feel they can make change on campus,” she said.

 Feedback from students has been mixed.

Junior and English major Rosie O’Neil is enthusiastic about the placement of “That’s WAC!”

“This department is somewhere I can go when I have issues with the Clifton Miller Library,” she said. “I want to see some more actual books there because I need a new influx of novels that aren’t archives.” Sophomore and sports medicine major Johnson Fitness is a bit apprehensive of the department.

“It feels like the school may not listen to these complaints or take them seriously,” he said.

Kerr wants to ease the community’s uncertainty toward the newly implemented department. She feels that real change can be made through “That’s WAC!”

“With this complaint department, there will be a real change with the structure of certain areas of the school because of the voiced opinions of the community,” she said.

“That’s WAC!” will be a collaborative effort of faculty, staff, and students. Run by a selected staff and headed by Kerr, the student body can write to or come into the department, which is located in the basement of William Smith Hall.

When a complaint is filed, the staff transfers it directly to the appropriate department on campus and suggests a solution to the issue at hand.

“I really do hope that the departments that we send the complaints to take the suggestions seriously,” Kerr said.

“It seems like a really effective group that runs the complaint department,” O’Neil said. “It seems to flow really nicely.”

Within the selected staff for the department is John Toll ’12.

“I wish this department was around when I went here,” they said. “I can already feel that the campus will work a lot more efficiently because of it.”

Graduating 10 years ago with a degree in biology, Toll returned to the College as an Associate Professor to teach Complaining 101. After working as a professor for five years, Kerr approached them to work for “That’s WAC!”

“To have Kerr approach me for this project has been an honor, and I really cannot wait to help make a difference,” Toll said.

The department officially opened to the College community on April 1. The hours of the office will be from 7 a.m. to 7:25 a.m. every third Sunday.

“I really hope the greater community comes out and helps keep this department alive,” Toll said.

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