Rudy Giuliani set up to shatter music industry standards

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Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and former attorney, is best known for his role as the 45th president’s personal lawyer. Now, it seems as though he is picking up an entirely new career.

Giuliani was one of the celebrities who participated on the hit show “The Masked Singer” on Fox. According to The New York Times, his voice sounds like a harmonious mix of Justin Bieber and Pitbull.

Now that Giulani has embraced his inner pop diva, fans are wondering if he will release an album rather than continue to involve himself in politics.

Although Giuliani was in the limelight in the political world, he was simultaneously rising in the music world. This fact wasn’t known to some of Giuliani’s closest allies.

“I did not know he could sing. If I did, I would have had him perform a song or two when he spoke on my behalf,” former President Donald Trump said in response to Giuliani’s “The Masked Singer” performance.

Despite former President Trump’s lack of awareness, many were unsurprised by the musical talent Giuliani displayed during his performance on “The Masked Singer.”

“I would never have expected anything less of him. Rudy shows great talent in everything he does,” Melania Trump said.

It is clear that Giuliani is better suited for the pop stage than he is the political stage, which he often frequents.

Giuliani is known for his dramatics in the political world. Dramatics that, outside of politics, could add flair to songs, music videos, and live performances.

“My dad has been passionate in everything he does, so if he is going into the music industry, they are not prepared for the show he is about to put on for them,” Giuliani’s son, Andrew Giuliani, said.

It is so clear that Rudy Giuliani has an underlying passion for music, so why not indulge?

It is possible that other artists are not willing to share the stage with someone so drawn to the spotlight.

Despite potential tension, there has been talk of Giuliani being the musical guest on a new episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

According to NBC, Giuliani was recently asked to host the April 1, 2023 episode of the long-running show. Cast members are confused, yet hopeful for a non-controversial performance.

With one year until that performance, there is good reason to believe that Giuliani will release the album everyone is hoping for.

Ideally, Giuliani’s music debut will address his feelings about his time in politics and shape his new pop star persona. I hope to see Giuliani’s musical presence grow. Hopefully, we can all get a glimpse into the life of the new musical sensation that is Rudy Giuliani.

Photo by Ricky Hager

Featured Photo Caption: Rudy Giuliani — pictured here working up a sweat in his Los Angeles recording studio — gave a jaw-dropping performance on “The Masked Singer.” He is now one of the most anticipated rising stars the music industry has seen in years.

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