Taking a dive into the honest career that is being a SoundCloud rapper

By Nepo-Tism
Grammy Award Winner

For the past five years, one dire question has been running through my head, haunting me. How do you become a successful SoundCloud rapper? The question agonized me.

One day, when walking the streets of Chestertown, I bumped into a man handing out business cards for his SoundCloud. His age eluded me. He was no less than 17, but no older than 54. He didn’t look like how I would imagine a SoundCloud rapper to dress. He was not on the cutting edge of culture, but rather, was dressed like a villain from a children’s animated film — fur coat, feathered hat, and alligator loafers.

I didn’t know if he was the most reputable source, but after exchanging a few DMs, I sat down for a coffee with this mysterious man to give both myself and our beloved Martha’s readers insight into a question that I’m sure has been eating at all of us: how do you become a successful SoundCloud rapper?

Sat with his legs up on the table, he introduced himself as Vin Romano, long time Chestertown resident.

“I’m out here. Chilling. Vibing,” Romano answered after I asked how he’s doing. “Actually, do you mind if I take my shoes off? The hounds are barking.”

Romano, sitting with his dogs out in front of God, my tape recorder, and everyone else sitting in Evergrain, is one half of the SoundCloud duo “VinEdgar.” His long-time collaborator, Edgar, could not attend the interview because he was caught up with schoolwork. AP U.S. History can be rough.

Currently, VinEdgar is working on a mixtape titled “Balsamic.”

“Balsamic is a DOPE album,” Romano said when asked about the process of recording the upcoming album. “What we don’t do is edit. You hear everything, all of the ideas we had, on one track.”

To clear up confusion, “Balsamic” features multiple tracks, but the runtime is estimated to be about six hours, nine minutes, and 42 seconds. When released, the album will break the record for longest album ever recorded, only second to Welsh band Quiet Maurader’s album “MEN,” which clocks in at about four hours, 49 minutes, and twenty seconds.

Romano’s mentor, Crouton LeBomb, helped VinEdgar with the writing process. Previously a French SoundCloud rapper who experienced fleeting fame with his mixtape “Green Goddess,” LeBomb now resides in Chestertown.

According to Romano, LeBomb gave the band critical advice during the writing process — always include a voicemail from your ex-girlfriend.

“Sometimes we put them in the beginning, sometimes the middle, occasionally at the end,” Romano said about the voicemails. “Personally, my favorite track — ‘Shannon’ — features one in the middle. It’s actually named after one of my exes.”

Romano also advises me to look out for tracks on the album that feature their competitor/collaborator, Julius Caesar Salad. While VinEdgar has already a recorded a diss track on Julius Caesar Salad for the album, aptly titled “Caesar,” they will also be collaborating on a track called “Dressing.”

Since Romano neglected to give me any useful information up to this point as to how to actually be successful, I asked him about how one would go about achieving the SoundCloud rapper look.

Romano’s answer? A flannel, distressed jeans, a vape, and “really old Vans. They shouldn’t be together in one piece.”

Romano confided in me that the fur coat, feathered hat, and alligator loafers fit was his attempt at going incognito. He did not want to run the risk of being recognized by anyone in his small, but avidly devoted, fanbase.

While the insight I gained from this interview was quite honestly minimal, I am always looking to expand my music taste, and am excited to dive into VinEdgar’s catalog. Keep an eye out for “Balsamic,” dropping on April 1.

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