WC tennis takes down Bullets with quick matches

By Jordan Fairchild
Elm Staff Writer

Both the Washington College men’s and women’s tennis teams visited Gettysburg, Pa. to verse the Gettysburg Bullets on Saturday, April 16. The Shoremen and Shorewomen returned to WC with another Centennial Conference win.

The Shorewomen went 2–1 in their doubles matches. Senior Alisha White and sophomore Maria Cristina Diaz-Nazario won 8–6 in the No. 1 spot. Junior Irene Meng and sophomore Piper Sartison took the No. 2 spot with a final score of 8–6.

The Bullets retaliated in the No. 3 spot, winning 8–7 after a tiebreaker over the duo of juniors  Bin Nguyen and Katie Ruppert.

During the singles matches, Meng dominated the No. 1 spot against the Bullets; she won 6–2 and 6–3. Meng is currently ranked 24th in the region for Division III women’s tennis.

The No. 2 spot was won by the Bullets at 7–5 and 3–2, but Sartison secured a second singles victory for the Shorewomen with scores of 6–0 and 6–1. The Shorewomen also won the No. 4 and 5 spots; Diaz-Nazario and Nguyen swept the Bullets 6–0 in the four matches.

The Shorewomen took the Bullets down with a final score of 6–3. The Shorewomen’s overall record now stands at 9–5 and are 3–3 in the Conference.

On Saturday, April 23, the Shorewomen will host Salisbury University for their next competition. The game will begin at 1 p.m. at the Schottland Tennis Center.

The Bullets fell to the Shoremen as well on Saturday with a swift 7–2 win. The Shoremen are currently ranked 14th in the Atlantic South Region for Division III men’s tennis.

Junior Karl Hoegstedt and senior Andrew Smith teamed up together to take down the Bullets in the No. 1 spot in the doubles matches; they won 8–2. The Bullets managed the No. 2 spot, but freshman Brady Burns and sophomore Ryohei Kawai brought the Shoremen back in the No. 3 spot with a winning score of 8–2.

The singles matches saw the Shoremen continue to pull ahead of the Bullets.

The No. 1 singles spot was taken by Hoegstedt, who is ranked 10th in the region, at 6–1 and 6–4. Kawai bested the Bullets as well in the No. 3 spot at 6–1, 6–4, and 6–2. Senior Koby Bonta and Burns won the No. 4 and 5 matches; Bonta winning 6–1 and 6–4 and Burns at 6–0 and 6–1.

Freshman Aaradith Ravichandran finished the Shoremen’s singles matches with a final take-down at 6–1 and 6–0 in the No. 6 spot.

The final score of the competition ended at 7–2, Shoremen. Their overall and Conference record increased to 9–5 and 4–1.

The Shoremen will challenge Salisbury University at the Schottland Tennis Center on Saturday, April 23 at 1 p.m. for a non-Conference matchup.

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