SGA Minutes – 4.26

1. Administrative remarks were made by Associate Provost of Diversity and Inclusion and Senior Equity Officer Dr. Alisha Knight, speaking about her new priorities. Topics discussed included an overview of her position; her top seven priorities; and her future goals in this position. In addition to her main goal of achieving inclusive excellence, Dr. Knight plans to lead efforts to foster the inclusive learning environment and help the College shape and implement the Strategic Plan initiated in spring 2021.

2. Motion to open discussion on voting on the Constitutional and By-Laws Amendment: Adding the Cabinet System to the Student Government Association was passed. The resolution was passed.

3. Motion to open discussion on allocating $231 for Sigma Delta Phi was approved. This allocation was used to finance beverages and pastries from Evergrain and decorations for a formal induction ceremony.

4. Motion to open discussion on allocating $50 for German Club was approved. This allocation will be used for bonfire supplies for Mai Feier, the celebration of spring.

5. The question of the unlocked buildings will be reevaluated over the summer. 

6. Public Safety and Buildings and Grounds are working to increase lighting on campus. 17 new cameras have been purchased to replace and add new cameras around campus.

7. Meal swipe donation is available. Anyone can go up to the swiping desk and let them know that you would like to use the donated swipes. You can donate a swipe as well. 1200 meal swipes were available two weeks ago. To donate, ask to donate and swipe twice. It should go to a meal swipe, not dining dollars.

8. Drop off any questions and concerns or changes you would like to see about budget guidelines in the Financial Controller mailbox outside the SGA office in Hodson, or email SGA Financial Controller freshman Jack Poleto at

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