ZTA hosts Carnival to raise money for breast cancer

By Emma Russell
Student Life Editor

Washington College’s chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha Gamma Beta hosted their WAC-ky Carnival on Saturday, April 30, from 11 to 4 p.m.

Located on the Hodson Green, the carnival had lots of activities for attendees to enjoy, such as face painting, a bouncy house, snacks, and games.

The week leading up to the carnival the sisters of ZTA had a pink out week, where they decorated the campus with pink streamers, tabled in Hodson, and collaborated with Java George to serve a pink drink inspired by the Starbucks drink of the same name.

Each day had a different theme, planned by ZTA Think Pink and Fundraising Chairman junior Mackenzie Westfield to help increase ticket sales.

On Monday, the sisters sold snow cones, and on Tuesday, they sold pink lemonade and roses. On Wednesday, students had the opportunity to spin a wheel for the chance to win small prizes like glow sticks, putty, and mini Squishmallows. The sisters sold homemade baked treats on Thursday, and on Friday, they finished off the week with popping pink poppers at the statue of George Washington on the Campus Green.

Tickets for the event cost $7 and included 10 raffle tickets that attendees could use to play games for a chance to win small prizes such as extra raffle tickets, WC stickers, bubbles, balls, eraser animals, and medals.

ZTA sister senior Katherine Desrosiers ran the Giant Tic Tac Toe game station, where players raced to be the first to get three of their cones across the board, resulting in a few falls for some of the more competitive participants.

“I think [the carnival] is so fun, it’s a really nice day out and everyone is super happy to be here,” Desrosiers said.

According to Co-Director of Philanthropy and Service sophomore Laurel Krause this is ZTA’s first time hosting a carnival.

Krause said a lot of planning went into choosing which games and activities to include during the event, but the dunk tank made a big splash, becoming a crowd favorite.

“We are really excited about the dunk tank,” Krause said.

ZTA was able to recruit students to participate as well as faculty members including Provost and Dean of the college Dr. Michael Harvey, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and Success Tricia Biles, Assistant Professor of Sociology Dr. Nick Garcia, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Daniel Kochli, and Assistant Professor of Anthropology Dr. Emily Steinmetz.

President of ZTA junior Kayleigh Maimone was one of the students who volunteered to sit in the tank.

“Hopefully we’ll have a good turnout of people wanting to come dunk me. I’m excited, definitely nervous, but excited,” Maimone said, before her funk slot.

The dunk tank was the most popular activity by far, with attendees eagerly waiting in line to dunk whoever was sitting in the tank.

“I can’t wait to go over to the dunk tank on my break and see my professors and friends get dunked,” Desrosiers said.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Zeta Tau Alpha foundation. According to the ZTA website, the foundation was created in 1954 and “funds scholarships, educational and leadership development programming, and encourages everyone to Think Pink with breast cancer education and awareness efforts, including partnerships with Bright Pink, the NFL, and the American Cancer Society.”

ZTA’s fundraising goal is $5,000, and as of May 2, they have raised $1,868.

“It’s been a really fun day. I’m really excited to see all the people who came out to support us, it means so much to us that they were able to give us some of their time to be here with us today,” Maimone said.

Photo by Olivia Dorsey

Featured Photo Caption: Junior Erin Moran steps up to take a shot at dunking junior Alexandra Solano Guante during her slot in the dunk tank at ZTA’s WAC-ky Carnival.

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