Chestertown holds Fall FunFest, created by Kent County Chamber of Commerce

By Grace Apostol

News Co-Editor

On Saturday, Sept. 24 the Kent County Chamber of Commerce hosted Fall FunFest on High Street in downtown Chestertown.

The carnival style event took place from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., and held several different vendors, activities, and art for the community to enjoy.

One of these vendors was licensed master social worker clinical therapist of the Behavioral health and rape crisis center “For All Seasons” Jen Friedman ’96, who specializes in play therapy with children.

“We offer services to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay,” Friedman said regarding the services of the organization. “We also have a Latinx Program, as well as interpreters on staff. We offer services all the way from three up to senior years, and we also offer school-based services.”

Friedman said she received a phone call from For All Seasons to come to the festival and be a vendor and representative for the group.

“Anything to represent this agency, because they are a great agency,” Friedman said on being at the event. “I can’t believe how many people came out today. It has been really nice, I have been able to spread the word.”

To keep with the carnival theme, the Kent County Chamber of Commerce had community members participate in the FunFest.

One of these volunteers was 11-year-old Kaayson Kushto who walked on stilts and was dressed to the carnival theme in bright, clownish attire at the event. Kushto was inspired by other stilt walkers at a previous Chestertown event.

“I saw two people walking around at Dickinson’s Christmas and ever since then I started walking around on stilts and really enjoyed it,” he said. 

Another large attraction of the festivities was the Chestertown River Arts sculpture showcase. Due to their being rained out of a showcase event scheduled earlier in the month, the Kent County Chamber of Commerce and Chestertown River Arts partnered to combine both events.

A large part of this partnership is thanks to artist and Kent Chamber Board Member and River Arts board member Zane Carter.

With Carter being on both boards, he was able to help the canceled River Arts event be revived through the Fall FunFest.

“That’s pretty much all I did, was bring all the fun stuff together,” he said regarding his role. “We love the street art, we love things that make us smile, and we love playing games. It was kind of a no-brainer.”

Some of the street art featured a sculpture that created the illusion of a man climbing out of the concrete street. Another had a dress made out of book pages.

Also partnered with River Arts was Jamie Krebs of J. Krebs Art, another vendor in the fair painting and selling her art.

“We have been pretty busy,” Krebs said regarding the turnout of the event. “We have sold several paintings, we are thrilled. There is a little bit of something for everyone.”

There were also many activities including crafts and games for children and families to enjoy.

Morgan Faebus brought her five-year-old son Daniel Madden to the FunFest where he had participated in these activities.

“He loves it. At first he was scared, but once he started playing and seeing other kids he was interacting,” Faebus said.

Also during the event, raffles were sold and pulled for prizes.

Many of the Chestertown dining spots and shops were open to the public as the event went on as well.

Though this event is over, many more are to come in the following months. For more information on upcoming events, visit the Town of Chestertown website at

Photo by Mia Snyder

Photo Caption: Fall FunFest hosted number of activities, including selfies with sculptures, as shown above.

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