Coach’s spotlight: Director of Sports Performance

By Jack Poleto

Sports Editor

Director of Sports Performance, Josh Brown, was newly appointed to his role is in the athletics department. 

Brown described his position as having a lot of responsibilities, including daily training sessions with the Washington College athletic teams in addition to administrative duties. He serves as a teacher and guide to all the collegiate athletes who come through WC’s programs. Coach Brown said he  understands that the students he coaches need to be mentored, since their decisions now set them up for a better future. 

The different cultures around WC teams creates different environments where athletes thrive. Although every sport is different, Coach Brown said the similarity he sees across all of them is “the potential and the ability of athletes to push themselves to do things they didn’t think were possible.” Additionally, he stressed the importance of teams having a positive culture with a consistent stream of reinforcing communication to ensure success, comparing it to a constant pulse with a goal in mind that lifts others up constantly.  

Coach Brown said among everything that he loves about his job, he particularly enjoys getting to know the athletes. Connecting with students, seeing their potential as more than just athletes and watching them grow as a person is what makes his work so enjoyable. 

“Don’t be afraid to try things that make you uncomfortable, in fact, try things that make you uncomfortable. It is the best way to grow as a person,” Brown said.

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