Washington College hosts open house for prospective students

By Noah Vargas

Elm Staff Writer

There was an open house at Washington College the weekend of Sept. 24. Roughly 110 registered prospective students from all over the country gathered on campus to find out what Goose Nation is all about.

Starting at 9:30 a.m., the visiting students and their accompanying families checked in on the first floor of the Casey Academic Center. Once there, they met with an admissions counselor and picked up a free t-shirt and an open house folder with materials for the day.

The prospective students and their families then gathered in the Daniel Z. Gibson Center for the Arts to hear President of the College Dr. Mike Sosulski and Director of Admissions Kelsey Miller ’10 talk about what makes WC a special place. After this, there was a Parent and Family Panel, where current WC parents and family members spoke about their child or family member’s college search process and their overall experience as a student.

A panel of students was offered at the same time for prospective students, during which current students talked about life as a member of the WC community and the opportunities that the school provides. The panelists talked about their passions and how WC played a role in them finding themselves.

Following this panel was the Academic and Student Experience Fair, where families could go to the tents that were set up at Martha Washington Square as well as the Kent Lawn. Each department was set up at tables, with professors and current students ready to answer the prospective students’ questions. Gus the Goose was also there, greeting the families with honks and “high-fours.”

Lunch was available for everyone in attendance, which families could take outside as they explored the College’s campus.

Admissions Counselor Suzie Friedrich said she had a fun time on Saturday.

“Open house [day] is always a great day. Meeting the students is such a wonderful experience,” Friedrich said. “Interacting with the students is always a blast, and it’s really exciting to meet with who very well might be the next generation of the flock.”

Afterwards, students could go on a tour of the WC campus, with George’s Generals at the ready for anyone who wanted to attend. They were gathered by the steps of Hynson Lounge and offered one-hour tours. Specialty tours were also offered, giving students and families a look at WC’s Signature Centers, Kohl Gallery, and the Waterfront Campus.

George’s General junior Justin Ly said he had a wonderful experience helping out with tours.

“I had a great time giving the tour. I had four families and the weather was lovely. Everyone seemed enthusiastic and eager to learn about the campus. Hopefully some of them will join Goose Nation in the future,” Ly said.

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