Alpha Omicron Pi paints campus blue for Juvenile Arthritis Awareness

By Miranda Parrish

Elm Staff Writer

Washington College sorority Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII) hosted their annual Blue Week from Oct. 3-7 to support their philanthropy, juvenile arthritis awareness.

There was a wide range of events that AOII hosted throughout the week in order to promote their fundraiser, as well as provide information on juvenile arthritis.

On Monday, AOII sisters had a table in Hodson Hall for donations and questions about their philanthropy. According to Director of Philanthropy junior Lily Bitterman, it was an “educational day.” They also made cards which will be donated to the Alfred I. Dupont Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware.

The second day was originally their Pie a Pi event, but it was rescheduled to Thursday due to weather. In its place, sisters of AOII made makeshift candy bags that students could purchase for $1 each.

A dodgeball tournament was held on Wednesday in the Benjamin A. Johnson Fitness Center Field House. Teams could have up to 8 people and entry cost $5 per person.

Thursday was their rescheduled Pie a Pi event and bake sale, which was held on the Hodson Green. Friday was their Krispy Kreme donut sale and students could purchase a single donut for $1 or a dozen donuts for $12.

Events which involved tabling right outside of Hodson Dining Hall saw a tremendous amount of foot traffic for the week and allowed for more to stop by and learn about AOII’s philanthropy.

Pie a Pi is AOII’s central event for the week and allows participants to pie any AOII member at the table for $1.

This is Vice President of Operations for AOII senior Erin Moran’s favorite event of Blue Week. She said she finds the event “fun,” but also “super educational.”

“I find the juxtaposition actually really funny and endearing – having girls talk about how important juvenile arthritis is all while their sisters are getting pied in the face truly is the highlight of my semester,” Moran said.

Moran also loves the event not only due to the turnout, but the opportunity for sisterhood it provides.

“It’s always so nice to spend time with not only my sisters, but with others who are not only donating but so open and willing to learn more about something that is so important to…the entirety of our organization,” Moran said.

According to Bitterman, in the past they were able to raise about a thousand dollars.

“But I’m hoping to shoot high this year,” Bitterman said.

Including Blue Week as a whole and their Crowdchange, AOII was able to raise a little over $1,000 for the Alfred I. Dupont Hospital.

The next event that the sorority will host is a 5K that honors an AOII sister who passed, which will be held on Nov. 12.

Photo by Miranda Parrish.

Photo Caption: Gus the Goose donated to pie an AOII sister – senior Karen Anderson – in the face.

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