Campus Voices: What are your plans and outfit for Shoremal?

Photos by Miranda Parrish and courtesy of WC Athletics, reporting by Miranda Parrish.

Zoe Laughlin ‘25
“I am wearing a baby blue dress from Amazon. My plans before Shoremal are to get ready with my friends in our dorm and just [blast] music while getting ready.”
Zach Affeldt ‘25
“I am wearing a white collared shirt with pink pants. Before Shoremal I am planning to take a nap and after I am going to meander [through] the night.”
Quin Kauffman ‘25
“I’ll be wearing my blue suit with a white undershirt. My plans before are to get together with friends from Kappa Sigma and after we’re going to [sell] grilled cheeses.”
Nicole Chimezie ‘24
“I’m going to wear a black dress with silver heels and silver jewelry. I’m going to work and then doing my sister’s hair and my friend’s makeup. I have RA duty at 8 p.m. to use that time to do makeup.”
Mariama Keita ‘23
“I’m wearing a black dress. Before Shoremal I’m hanging out with my friends to get dressed and do makeup…just enjoying my last Shoremal since I’m graduating.”
Lizzy Hudock ‘23
“I am wearing a lovely purple short dress from amazon. [Plans] before are to take pictures and hang out with my teammates from women’s basketball and after is to get a good night’s sleep.”
Kaitlyn Boggs ‘26
“I am wearing a black dress…I’m going to be wearing Vans. Before Shoremal I’m going to be hanging out with my teammates from women’s basketball and after I’m going to eat a grilled cheese.”
Kaitlin Osucha ‘25
“I am wearing a red dress that I got last year, because I like the color red. Before Shoremal I don’t have plans because I’m getting back from Washington, D.C. and after I don’t know.”
Emma Parker-Watt ‘25
“I’m wearing a sage green satin dress that has a lace up back from Windsor. Before Shoremal I’m going to do my nails and makeup with my friends and take pictures.”
Mayowa Taiwo ‘24
“I’ll be wearing navy  pants, blue shirt, and suede shoes. My plans before Shoremal are to go to our soccer game, beat McDaniel, and come back and have a good time with my teammates and friends.”

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