College takes action to address persistent Wi-Fi instability across campus

By Grace Apostol

News Co-Editor 

A new wireless internet provider is making its way to the Washington College campus. On Tuesday, Sept. 27, Community Coordinator of Residential Life Mike Nichols ’22 sent a campus-wide email regarding the change.

“WC has partnered with Apogee to provide best in class internet service in the residence halls,” the email said.

According to the email, during this switchover, students and other community members experienced “intermittent internet outages” while the change to the new service was made.

Students also had to log into a web portal in order to set up the new connection.

According to previous Elm coverage, in “February, the College was granted funding to finish this wireless upgrade project, but [did] not receive new wireless access points until June due to a supply chain crisis.” 

From Monday, Sept. 26 through Friday, Oct. 7, residential halls are receiving wireless updates. 

While the new provider was gradually implemented across campus over the past two weeks, students were starting to be able to utilize this wireless service and develop perspectives on it.

Class of 2024 Vice President junior Rodger Ecker shared sentiments regarding the communication during the transition to the new internet service provider.

“I feel like there has been a lack of communication,” Ecker said. “People don’t know how to connect, or what to do. I know they set up that person downstairs in Hodson…there’s been no update about it.”

“My suite was able to get our electronics to connect, but as soon as I turn my phone off, or exit the app, [the wifi] shuts off,” Secretary of Student Life junior Kamden Richardson said. “I mean, it’s reliable when it’s on, but since no one can figure out how to use it and it shuts off all the time, it doesn’t work.” 

“Last night it kicked me off, because apparently too many people were using it,” Junior Mackenzie Boughey said.

Junior Keira Anderson felt the same way about the switch.

“I think the wifi needs to be replaced, but I don’t think the new system is acceptable,” she said.

With all of these varying comments from students, if more concerns are to arise, according to the email, there will be an Apogee representative tabeling in Hodson on Thursday, Oct. 6 “to answer your questions regarding these upgrades.”

Students and community members can also call a support line at 833-521-1648, email the support page, or chat live at

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