Five songs to make you feel like the main character in a scary movie

By Mikayla Silcox

Elm Staff Writer

Grab a cozy blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and put on your favorite movie because it is finally fall.

With spooky season upon us, everyone is feeling the dramatic change from summer. However, the colored leaves and chill of autumn are not complete without a soundtrack to encapsulate the season’s comfort. 

To celebrate the renewal of fall and the abundance of all things uncanny, here is a witchy playlist to take you into the remainder of Oct.

“Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood

Starting off strong, no fall playlist is complete without this song.

This iconic song evokes the feeling of falling in love during the colder seasons, encouraging listeners to take refuge in a sweater or a loved one as you brace against the frigid outdoors. 

Through the soft background of the song, The Neighbourhood embraces the listener in the haze of the season. The chorus clears the fog, however, rescuing listeners from the perilous weather and inviting them to a safe, warm space. 

This dichotomy of eerie background music and a comforting chorus is the perfect summation of autumn.

“Doll Parts” by Hole

Hole’s spooky song “Doll Parts” evokes the haunting feelings brought on by Halloween.

Without listening to the lyrics, this song sounds like a soundtrack to a walk in a quaint, small town. The soft drums and chords of the electric guitar create an easy background for a crisp fall day. 

To add to the song’s autumnal quality, Hole’s lead singer, Courtney Love, refers to herself as a doll broken into parts. This lyric takes on a spooky connotation, bringing to mind the abundance of scary films featuring dolls, like “Poltergeist” and “Child’s Play.”

The light background against this eerie subject creates a feeling of uneasiness that pairs well with the mist of Halloween night.

“Season of the Witch” by Donovan 

In his 1966 hit song “Season of the Witch,” Scottish musician Donovan creates a psychedelic feeling to encapsulate the strange ambience of Halloween. 

Through his lyricism and layering of riffs with unique instruments, Donovan makes it seem as if there is scary something lurking at around every corner the listener comes across. 

The song turns Halloween’s dark reputation on its head, producing a fun, near-hallucinogenic experience as Donovan describes his paranormal encounters.

“we fell in love in october” by girl in red

Since its release in 2018, “we fell in love in october” has been an essential song for anyone in love with the feeling of the fall. 

Throughout the song, the listener is encapsulated in a beautiful snapshot of a love story in autumn. Sapphic artist girl in red paints a magical picture of a girl she fell in love with. 

The guitar’s high notes create an angelic feeling, as if these emotions are embedded in the changing leaves.

“Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads

While autumn is a time of comfort and magic, we cannot forget the excitement it brings, especially in the weeks leading up to Halloween. 

“Psycho Killer” is an essential when you are looking for the thrill of monsters, fake blood, and imminent danger. The chaotic riffs alongside the purposefully stuttering of Talking Heads’ lead singer David Byrne make any fall walk feel straight out of a horror film.

Overall, the perfect fall playlist has a mix of the comfort of the season and the fright of Halloween to play as a backdrop to the season.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Photo caption: Looking for the perfect autumnal tunes? Check out these recommendations from Elm Staff Writer Mikayla Silcox.

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