SGA announces upcoming Cabinet elections, calls for student feedback

By Sophie Foster

News Co-Editor 

The Constitutional Review Committee of the Student Government Association is seeking feedback from the student body about which issues would be most appropriately addressed through the creation of a Cabinet position.

According to an email sent to students by the SGA, once feedback has been received, the CRC will create a resolution outlining and establishing the positions, [then] the Senate will vote on the resolution and the Cabinet positions will be elected by the Senate.”

The Cabinet is a new addition to the SGA this academic year. According to Parliamentarian senior Maegan White, the SGA passed a bylaw in the spring 2022 semester to create the Cabinet.

“Last year, the SGA passed a Public Safety resolution which was a response to some incidents that occurred between PS and the student body,” White said. “Part of this resolution was the creation of the Public Safety Laison position. That is where the idea of the cabinet was born. We recognized that there were other areas of concern that needed more attention from student leaders who could dedicate more of their time to that sole issue.”

According to the email, Cabinet positions focused on advocacy, and those who fill them will work closely with the SGA to represent specific student needs and concerns. Potential Cabinet positions include Public Safety Liaison, Intercultural Affairs Liaison, and ADA Accessibility Chair.

The Cabinet is also designed to allow more students the opportunity to get involved with the SGA, build leadership skills, and address issues that are pertinent to them on campus, according to Speaker of the Senate senior Nick Splendoria.

“I think that the cabinet can be a bridge to the student body because it brings in more people to the planning process of the SGA,” Splendoria said. 

Positions are determined each academic year, so they have the potential to change depending on student concerns. Thus far, the most common issues reported by students are accessibility and dining services, according to White. 

“The biggest thing is visibility and transparency,” White said. “As parlimentarian, I will work on making sure that all students are aware of what the Cabinet is, who sits on each position, and what each position does.”

Secretary of Service and Community Relations sophomore Stephen Hook is especially familiar with the way these new positions will function, because he was the first to fill the PS Liaison role last year.

“When I served as PS Liaison, my role was successful in building a bridge to fill gaps in communication between SGA, the student body, and PS,” Hook said. “I believe that a cabinet will work well to do the same for each of the areas of interest we choose. When there is a clear, publicized representative focused only on one issue, students feel comfortable asking them questions, sharing information, and expressing grievances.” 

According to Hook, Cabinet members will meet with directors working in their area of focus to discuss issues and solutions, then will report back to the SGA with updates, information, and suggestions. 

“I hope to see this new structure enhance the efficacy of our advocacy and streamline communication between the student body and various departments and individuals on campus,” Hook said. “As seen with the creation of the Public Safety Liaison position, student advocates can make a difference through one-on-one meetings and open communication with administration.”

According to the email, students who are interested in providing feedback regarding the Cabinet positions can do so via the provided form, or they can reach out to White or any member of the CRC.

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Photo Caption: The Student Government Association office houses the SGA and is open for students with questions or concerns throughout the year.

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