Women’s soccer hosts Pride Game with LGBTQ+ Athletes 

By Maegan White 

Elm Staff Writer 

The Washington College Shorewomen hosted Stockton Univeristy Ospreys at Kirby Field on Monday, Oct. 17. The Shorewomen and Ospreystied 1-1, marking the Shorewomen’s sixth conference draw for the season.  

The Osprey started out strong immediately advancing past the Shorewomen defense. They earned a corner kick in the first 30 seconds of the game. Just over two minutes, the Osprey crossed the ball and scored five yards in front of the goal, giving the Osprey an early 1-0 lead. 

The Shorewomen normally out shoot their competitors but for this game the Osprey shot four times before the Shorewomen had their first shot on goal. The first half was defined by the Osprey’s aggressive offense and the Shorewomen playing catch up. 

At the 27 minute mark, the Shorewomen took their first shot and scored. Senior midfielder Ellie Morrall passed the ball to senior forward Paige O’Connell, who placed the ball in the bottom left corner of the net. This was O’Connell’s first goal of the season and tied the game 1-1.  

At the 75 minute mark, the Shorewomen fouled the Osprey in the penalty box giving the Osprey a penalty kick and a chance to score. However, their shot went wide and the score remained tied. 

The Shorewomen had possession of the ball for most of the second half. Despite six shots from the Shorewomen, they were unable to capitalize on any of them including a shot by junior midfielder Ellen Daly in the last 30 seconds of the game. 

The game ended in another tie for the Shorewomen with a score of 1-1. 

This game also marked the first ever Pride Game hosted by the LGBTQ+ Athletes Club. Arnold, who is also the president of the LGBTQ+ athletes club, planned the event with help from her executive board and Encouraging Respect of Sexuality.  

As students entered the stadium, they were greeted by members of EROS and LGBTQ+ Athletes club who passed out flags and pride stickers and tattoos. The stadium was decorated with different pride flags, students held small flags. The student section was lively and exciting chanting, cheering, and waving the flags at every exciting play. 

During half time, Athletic Director Thad Moore gave a speech acknowledging and appreciating LGBTQ+ athletes as members of the LGBTQ+ Athletes club fired tie-dye Washington College pride shirts from a t-shirt cannon. 

Sophomore EROS treasurer Riley Johnson shared that EROS helped coordinate the event, supply flags, and welcome people as they entered the stadium. Johnson is a former athlete herself and gave insight on the impact of the LGBTQ+ Club for student athletes on campus. She said,  “As a former athlete, I do understand that athletics can be an unexpecting place in certain aspects and I think it is very nice to see that as an athletic body, [the LGBTQ+ Athletes Club] are their for people who are struggling with their sexulaity or who are coming out.” 

After the game, junior goalkeeper Emily Arnold spoke on the team’s potential for the rest of the season. “Overall we have phenomenal chemistry. We haven’t been playing up to our full potential but with upcoming games I am sure we will excel.” Arnold said, “We are a phenomenal team, we have great talent, we just need to pull it all together.” 

Arnold thanked all the people involved in the planning and success of the first Pride game. “So many people helped out. Without Thad [Moore], the coaches, the team, and everybody showing up, it wouldn’t have happened,” Arnold said. “The spectators were awesome up there. It was phenomenal. Thank you so much!” 

Photo by Grace Hazlehurst.

Photo Caption: Senior midfielder Paige O’Connell moving the ball forward in a home game.

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