Women’s soccer tie conference rival Ursinus College

By Maegan White

Elm Staff Writer

On Saturday, Oct. 1, the Shorewomen soccer team tied against Conference competitors Ursinus College Bears in a scoreless game. The Shorewomen’s conference record now stands at 1-0-3. 

A common theme for the Shorewomen is a strong defensive line that prevents the Shorewoman goalkeeper from having much action. 

In all but one of their games this year, the Shorewomen have outshot their competitors. Freshman goalkeeper Hailey Sharpe had only two saves for her 90 minutes of play because of her strong defensive line.

The Shorewomen had possession of the ball for most of the game and were able to break the defensive of the bears for a total of 18 shots but none were successful. 

The Bear’s goalkeeper was busy in the box with a total of 12 saves, the other 6 shots were wide or high. The Shorewomen had possession of the ball for a majority of the game and outshot their competitors significantly.

In their game against the Bears, the Shorewomen had multiple close plays that almost put them above their competitor. Senior forward Lauren Maynor, junior midfielder Ellen Daly, senior forward Audrey Flanagan, and senior midfielder Elena Hilario had the most shots on goal for the Shorewomen. Daly had the most with four shots, three of which were saved and one went wide.

The Shorewomen played one of the best games all season. Despite the rainy conditions, their passes were sharp, they had control over the ball, and they made incredible advances past defenders. In the end, they were just not able to punctuate on any of their attempts at goal.

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