Cleo’s and Harlem’s Finest collaborate on A Night to Dismember

By Miranda Parrish

Elm Staff Writer

Cleopatra’s Sisters and Harlem’s Finest hosted their first joint event, A Night to Dismember, on Friday, Oct. 28 in the Roy Kirby Stadium Skybox from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

A flyer emailed out by both groups on Oct. 28 encouraged students to come dressed up for a chance to win prizes. Categories for the costume contest ranged from best dressed to cutest costume, and even included group costume contest winners.

Music, drinks, and snacks were provided for attendees.

The organizations even designed a photo booth that resembled a mugshot wall.

Event attendee senior Joy Sanders said that she appreciated the campus turnout.

“I liked the party, and it was really fun,” Sanders said. “The people that attended were from different groups on campus and were very diverse, which made it more enjoyable. I’m glad that so many people attended.”

Students at the event wore a range of different costumes, including a sports referee, flowers, a fairy, and the Joker. Some went as celebrities like Soulja Boy, which won an award.

Sophomores Antavia Wilson and Kiersten Rose were a part of a joint costume, dressing up as the purge girls.

 “I liked the event a lot,” Rose said. “There were great giveaways for different types of costumes and the energy levels were high and great.”

President of Harlem’s Finest senior Jonah Nicholson recently started the club to create a space for male-identifying people of color to join together. A Night to Dismember was one of their first main events.

In the future, Rose said that she would love to see Harlem’s Finest and Cleopatra’s Sisters work together again, and potentially bring in other campus organizations.

“I hope to see more holiday events with them and maybe a collaboration event with the Student Events Board to make it even bigger,” Rose said.

Wilson said that she agreed with Rose, adding that the groups could also host joint events with the Black Student Union and African Student Union to draw in more students and create different events.

If students have any interest in Harlem’s Finest, contact Students can also follow @wac_cleos on Instagram to keep updated on future events.

Photo by Miranda Parrish

Photo Caption: Groups of students came dressed up in both individual costumes and group costumes.

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