Kohl Gallery hosts the opening reception for Echo student photo contest exhibition

By Grace Apostol

News Co-Editor

Located in the Daniel Z. Gibson Center for the Arts, the Kohl Gallery showcased a number of works this semester in the show “Radiant Materials.” Beginning the semester with “Radiant Material: An Illuminated Exhibition,” the gallery is now also showcasing “Radiant Echo: Student Photo Contest.”

The opening reception for this exhibit was held on Thursday, Oct. 27 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Finalists and winners were selected by Juror Roxana Azar, a contemporary artist based in Philadelphia whose work is being shown in the Kohl Gallery this semester.

“What she does with her photography is she prints it on to all different kinds of materials and works with various kinds of technologies to shape and form all different kinds of sculptural works and also print works,” Director and Curator for Kohl Gallery Tara Gladden said.

The center of the exhibit focused on the atrium lights, Radiant Echo, that are located in John S. Toll Science Center.

“I was approached by McLain Associate Professor of Physics and Environmental Science and Studies and Assistant Dean for Grants Dr. Karl Kehm about wanting to do a student photo contest that would take images of Radiant Echo to celebrate Radiant Echo, this wonderful light installation we have on our campus,” Gladden said.

Two finalists, junior Lucy Jolliff and freshman Liam Peregoy were chosen to display two photos each in the exhibit.

“I first heard about the contest when I went to the photography club interest meeting,” Jolliff said. “I knew I wanted to enter, and the night entries were due, I was studying for a midterm and decided I needed a break, so I just went down to Toll and spent about 45 minutes taking pictures.”

According to Peregoy, he took many photos and had to decide on which ones to enter into the contest. “I chose the ones that I liked the most,” he said.

The other finalists in the contest were sophomore Miranda Parrish; juniors Sam Mobley, Kennedy Thomason, Sophia Lennox, and Belle Leiphart; and seniors Curtis Gardner, Siobhan Elizabeth Ball, and Isabella Smith. After some light refreshments and mingling, Gladden spoke to the audience and finalists giving background on why Radiant Echo is important.

According to Gladden, this light exhibit was unveiled in 2019 to pay homage to the study of pyrotechnics. Radiant Echo is dedicated to the lives and legacies of Professor and WC President Joseph H. McLain ’37 and Professor Emeritus John A. Conkling ’65 and their respective spouses, Anne H. McLain ’40 and Sandy Conkling ’65.

From there, she went on to announce the winners of the photo contest. Jolliff received first place, Parrish received second, and Peregoy received third, all allotted cash prizes.

Photos of each finalist and winners were then taken to congratulate the students.

Students and interested community members can visit the gallery featuring student photography until Dec. 3.

Photo courtesy of Grace Apostol

Photo Caption: The finalists stand with their photo entries at the exhibition. 

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