Red Brick Runway: Jonah Nicholson shares their tips for developing a personal style

By Piper Sartison

Elm Staff Writer

Jonah Nicholson, senior, is known across campus for his captivating style. With his admiration for colors and accessories, he is an inspiration for Washington College students looking to expand their fashion sense.

Nicholson’s outfit, pictured here, was purchased from a number of different stores.

His bright pink dice earrings are from Hot Topic, the pink sunglasses are from a concession stand at the mall, their pastel pants are from Walnut & Wool, and his green velvet shirt is from a WC student clothing give-away.

According to Nicholson, their style evolved over time.

Growing up, his mom made him wear loose-fitting clothing, which was “too plain” for him.

“In high school I had no style whatsoever…I was throwing together anything and everything,” Nicholson said.

The COVID-19 pandemic was when Jonah got a grasp on their true sense of style. With the help of TikTok, they explored new trends that interested them.

“I noticed other people’s styles and I started to mimic those,” he said. “Being at WC, I began to realize that I needed to upgrade my closet. I started putting things together and actually looked at what I had.”

Today, Jonah’s style leans toward slim-fitting, preppy clothing. They flip gendered expectations, catering toward, “something that did not fit with what would be be expected of a guy to wear.”

“Overall, my inspiration came from seeing a lot of women’s styles. I think women have a lot more options…the men’s options are so boring,” Nicholson said. “In the women’s section, you got all these different styles…the sleeves, the fitted pants, the flare pants…. it is just so much more style.”

When shopping, Nicholson browses clothing sites like H&M, Aeropostale, and Urban Outfitters.

Additionally, he likes to shop local. One of his favorite local clothing stores is Walnut & Wool, a vintage boutique in downtown Chestertown.

Nicholson also likes to modify clothing himself.

“I mostly modify my shirts by cutting them into crop tops…I love the crop top look,” they said.

Nicholson accessorizes with necklaces, earrings, and sunglasses. Typically he opts for earrings as a statement piece, which they buy from Hot Topic and Spencer’s.

“Their earrings are so cool…you can get chain ones, you can get swords, characters, different things like that…I like that unconventional stuff, I like standing out.”

When asked for advice for any students looking to expand their wardrobe, Nicholson said, “Play with your style. Do what you like…do not worry about what others are thinking of you because beauty really comes from the inside. Build that confidence within yourself and create a good outfit.”

Photo caption: Senior Jonah Nicholson is pictured above on the Clifton A. Miller Library Terrace, wearing statement earrings, sunglasses, a velvet shirt, pink pants, and Nike sneakers.

Photo by Piper Sartison.

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