Shoremen basketball falls short to Immaculata despite their efforts 

By Miranda Parrish 

Elm Staff Writer 

The Washington College men’s basketball team traveled to East Whiteland Township, Pa. for their first non-conference game against Immaculata University.  

Junior guard Dillon Smith said, “Going into the game there was a lot of adrenaline since it was the first game, but we were very positive, which I think says a lot about our team.” 

Junior guard Kedrick Frink led the Shoremen throughout the game, making a 3-point shot in the first two minutes of the game that allowed the Shoremen to take the lead, followed by Junior forward Sam Corraco with a layup, putting the Shoremen ahead of the Macs 5-2. 

The Shoremen continued to play consistently in the first half. Sophomore center Will Matheny and sophomore guard Zack Skrocki both made 3-point shots, contributing to the Shoremen’s score. But by halftime, Immaculata was up by two points, leading 33-31 against the Shoremen. 

“Immaculata was good and had a good presence which was definitely difficult for us to deal with. But I think overall we’re the better team, we just are still figuring out working together,” said Smith. 

Immaculata continued to defend their home court in the second half, scoring 43 points against the Shoremen. Sophomore center Zack Skrocki, freshman guard and forward Davis Bland, as well as junior guard Jason Zielinski made 3-point shots in the second half, contributing to the Shoremen’s score. 

At the end of the game, the Shoremen lost to the Macs, 59-76. 

“I liked the mix of players on the court. We have some new blood out there from the freshman class and some new combinations that we didn’t have last year so were getting more familiar with each other and with different lineups. I just want to see the team win. Most, if not all the guys on the team share that sentiment so we just want to see the team win and do our part to make that happen,” Smith said. 

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