Women’s volleyball suffers a loss in season closer 

By Miranda Parrish 

Elm Staff Writer 

Washington College’s Shorewomen hosted Centennial Conference rival the Dickinson College Red Devils from Carlisle, Pa. for their senior game on Oct. 29 at 2:30 p.m. in the Penny J. Fall Gymnasium. 

The Shorewomen began the first set going back and forth with Dickinson with the serve. As the score hit 5-6 with the Devil’s leading, the Shorewomen went on a four point run that Dickinson was not able to overcome, making the score 6-9.  

As the two teams fought it out, the Shorewomen took the opening set with a score of 20-25. 

When the second set began, the Devils peeled away from the Shorewomen. They had a five point run after the score was 4-3 that created an insurmountable deficit. Ultimately, the set went to Dickinson with a score of 25-14. 

The third set was kept close with no more than two points separating the teams until the score was tied at 19-19 when Dickinson went on a three point run. The Devils closed out the set with a score of 25-21, resulting in the Shorewomen falling behind one set. 

In the fourth set, the Shorewomen took an early lead with four straight points being scored to give them a lead over the Devils, 7-2. The momentum switched after a four point run from Dickinson to bring the score to 6-8.  

Later in the set, the Devils went on a five point run that brought the score to 20-13. With that, the Shorewomen had fallen behind and were unable to come back in to try and force a fifth set. The score of the final set was 25-18. 

Senior outside hitter Courtney Maxwell recorded 15 kills in the game, as well as one block and eight digs. According to Senior captain Jordan Fairchild Maxwell has been an unwavering pillar of support for the team and she gave praise to her talent and long-lasting contributions to the team’s culture. 

The Shorewomen lost to Dickinson one set to three sets, concluding their final game of the season. The team wrapped up their run with a record of 10-14 with a Centennial Conference record of 2-8. “This season has been a great year for growth… there has been a lot of learning. But I think I speak for my whole team when I say we have fought hard in every game and put one hundred percent into practice to be the best we can be,” Fairchild said. “Since we’re not going to the playoffs, this was the end of the road for us, but we will still be working hard in the weight room and on the court during spring season to put our best foot forward next fall.” 

Photo by Grace Hazlehurst 

Freshman middle hitter Chelsea Elliot blocking a Dickinson player. 

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