Red Brick Runway: freshman Jenna Walton’s individuality shines through with their traditional gothic style

By Mikayla Silcox

Elm Staff Writer

Washington College’s campus is home to passionate, unique, and innovative individuals.

Through their wardrobe, as well as their passion for writing and filmmaking, freshman Jenna Walton reflects these ideals. Their eye-catching trad goth style is fashionable and truly unique.

Walton is dedicated to their wardrobe, going so far as to name their outfits. Pictured wearing the outfit “Pretty Lavinia,” Walton rocks a lavish purple dress, which was complemented by spiked accessories.

Walton’s signature chokers and Victorian inspired dresses have not always been a part of their expression, however. Growing up, Walton’s style was condemned by its parents and restricted by a school uniform.

“My college experience is the first time I really get to be as creative as I want to when it comes to my style, which I am incredibly grateful for. When it comes to anything creative, I never stop halfway,” Walton said.

Their different inspirations include fashion trends that align with the Victorian era and Japanese fashion, as well as non-human inspirations like vampires, aliens, and porcelain dolls. 

Despite the variety of its muses, Walton’s fashion roots are in trad goth. Originally seen on bands like The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees, trad goth is an aesthetic based on traditional goth do-it-yourself values.

“A large part of the goth scene is making clothes or fashions yourself, but alas, I am terrible at sewing. So instead, I tend to use a mishmash of the same clothes in unique ways, as to not be wasteful with clothing and to be constantly thinking of new styles,” Walton said.

Although it maintains an expansive wardrobe, Walton is conscious of their fashion consumption choices, which is a moral held by the goth scene.

When their clothes are not bought secondhand, Walton opts for smaller trad goth businesses like Devil Inspired, VampireFreaks, and Goth Mall. Additionally, Walton has a “Do Not Buy” list for brands like SHEIN and Dolls Kill, who employ fast fashion practices.

Walton enjoys the community and creativity associated with its style, but to them, one of the most important aspects is being able to tell the world who they are without having to say a word.

“With fashion, I allow people to get a sense of who I am as a person without even speaking to me. I am able to tell people ‘I am an artist’ or ‘I am a goth’ through my fashion and show off my creative style in everyday life,” Walton said.

Despite their belief that clothes tell a lot about their wearers, Walton thinks that fashion should not be an overarching judgment of someone’s character.

“I firmly believe that everyone should be able to express their creativity in any way. With me, that includes my fashion, but that’s not the same for everyone,” Walton said.

Walton expresses their individuality and creativity in an abundance of different outlets, but their trad goth style, with various inspirations, is an art that the campus is lucky to witness.

Photo by Mikayla Silcox.

Photo caption: Walton poses in its Pretty Lavinia outfit.

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